Saturday, May 02, 2009

Tian Tang Zhai 天堂寨 (1-2 May 2009)

the place is awesome, beautiful and amazing!!!
the forests are beautiful, the water is so clean !!! i almost wanted to drink it directly, if there were not too many people played near the water.
reminded me to the school time memory .. where mountains, trees, waterfalls, rivers ... were all my best friends!

we didn't bring our dig-cam. some pictures taken by my Sony Ericsson W550C. very little pic of Angie 'cause mostly she was with me. some other pics are in my husband moto. haven't downloaded them yet.

there are 9 waterfalls on the mountain. however, by bringing Angie and Crystal with us, i didn't go to the top, so only saw 2 waterfalls. if have chance, we will surely revisit in the future.

from Bai-Hua hotel balcony (pic taken by Crystal)
白花宾馆阳台, 晶晶用妈妈手机拍的

first waterfall

second waterfall .. sorry forgot the name ...

i want mommy ... 妈妈抱!

have some rest 休息一下

btw, this is a 50-liter-daypack i bought via online shopping for RMB 45 or $6.6, already included the shipping cost.

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sarie said...

wuih! what a wonderful placeee!!!