Sunday, December 24, 2006

little mouse ate an orange

Crystal was sick this evening after nap time, 39.4 centigrade! we took her to doctor. her high fever was ceased down after having some medicine. she's got a throat infection.

her grandma blamed me for letting her catch a cold this the morning while she woke up. saying that i didn't put her cloth on immediately. actually it wasn't really cold this morning. actually i thought the most reason was she was having an orange two days ago. during winter we shouldn't have too much oranges (not chinese 'lokam'/ 'lu gan' orange. lokam orange is ok, you can have as much as you like).

there was another story behind it. Smarty likes to beat Crystal on her head with his hand. if he beats her, Crystal will say, "bu yao da mei mei. bu yao da mei mei." (don't beat little sister). and then Crystal will run to her grandma or grand-aunt, saying, "grandma carry me up. grandma carry me up." Smarty will chase her of course.

on friday, grandma had used an orange to attract Crystal to our bedroom in order to separate Crystal from Smarty for a while. Crystal followed her. after giving her a slice of orange, granda went to kitchen and left the orange on our computer desk.

when grandma came back to the bedroom, the orange wasn't there. grandma looked under the table and the bed, but couldn't find it. finally grandma found out the orange peel in the living room trash bin; noticed that Crystal had eaten up the whole orange and threw the orange skin into the trash bin.

at her age of 12 months or so, Crystal could differ which things could be thrown into the trash bin. her grandpa often puts after-used toothpick everywhere, sometimes on the living room table, sometimes on the phone table. if Crystal sees it, she will take it and throw it into the trash bin.

oh yes, Lin often plays with Crystal and Smarty by letting them throw the orange skin bit by bit into the trash bin. so these two toddlers will walk back and forth like busy bees, taking the orange skin from Lin's hands and throw into trash bin.

it's very funny thing also yesterday when i took away the plastic bag from the trash bin in our living room. and put it outside to be delivered later on to the big trash bin on the first floor. Crystal then took an empty plastic bag from the living room table drawer and put into the trash bin. how cute!

we usually use water from cloth washing to flush toilet. now everytime after pee, Crystal wants to flush the toilet by herself. of course i should assist her to avoid her cloth and shoes getting wet.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

darling, mama's home

lill darling,
it's always the sweetest time for me when i see you smilingly come to me and call me mama as i open our front door and come in. do you love it as then i hug and kiss you .. as i always love to do it?

that's the most reason i always wanna be home as soonest as office hour is over. that's also why i seldom go shopping or often refuse dinner invitation from friends as much as possible.