Wednesday, January 31, 2007

19 months

Crystal is 19 months old

here are her pictures taken while her grandma and grandaunt was cleaning her house since it's near to CNY.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

i love book !

taken on 27-Jan-2007 (before bed time)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Smarty got flu again ... and the following impact to Crystal

oh boy... Smarty got flu and cough again these few days.
so it's unavoidable for Crystal (just as most of the time).

after returned home last nite around 11.30pm .. from dinner with our CEO and Asia Pacific VP, i found out that Crystal got a flu by her breath. she was sleeping.
and on around 3am, she woke up for a short time, saying: "snot. snot." (she likes to repeat a sentence or a word she says). then i wiped her snot. only several seconds, she complained again: "snot. snot. eeehh... " i wiped it again and said, "mama has wiped it. now you can sleep again."

My in-laws took Smarty to visit an old 'Chinese doctor/herbalist doctor' (zhong yi 中医,in Indonesia people know it as 'shin shei'). The doctor is around 70 years old and owns his own herbal store. He sometimes goes abroad to cure his patients. Smarty went back with a herbal bandage tied on his feet.

Usually if Crystal gets a flu, i give her a kind of chinese medicine, of very light one made of herb, with red sugar taste, so she wants to drink it. if we ask, "Jing-jing, what are you drinking?" she says, "ban lan gen".

Monday, January 15, 2007

thoughtful lill girl


Crystal is such a thoughtful lill girl. Since few months ago, i noticed that everytime for example her head strucked my face or somewhere else, and i said, "aiyooleee.. you strucked mama's face. it hurts." she would quickly turn over and use her little fingers to touch my face and do a little massage.

Saturday nite when i fed her some fruit soup, she bumped into my arm so the soup was poured onto my jacket. i said, "you look at it .. mama's jacket is now wet. don't bump mama's arm again, sit nicely and have this fruit." she stood up, walked into the dining table, got a wipe paper and then came to wipe my jacket.

how thoughtful this lill girl is, is she?

another same case i notice she would do:

put on the plastic into the trash bin whenever she sees us taking away the garbage;

take shoes out for me from the cabinet when i get home (and also for her dearest grand-aunt)

take (empty) potty and shoes for her cousin when he wakes up from his nap (if she has awaken from her nap)

if she pees in the potty, she will bring the potty by herself to toilet, pour it into toilet, get some water to rinse it, wipe the edge of it with toilet paper, then put the potty on the usual place. of course i would help her on the part when she brings it to toilet and when she rinses it (she copies what i do everytime she pees in the potty, and insists to do by herself).

deliver bowl, chopstick or glass to kitchen.

pick up a used toothpick (if she found one) and deliver to trash bin (her grandpa/ma often put used toothpick anywhere instead of putting it straightly into trash bin).

if my glasses drop from my nose, she will fix the position with her fingers.

probably these all make her feel important..hahaha... !

sometimes while having dinner, she would call her daddy, "papa.. chi fan!" (daddy, have dinner!)

several times i asked her question like: "do you love mama?" she would answer: "love mama" (intentionally i asked about everyone except her uncle, then she would say by herself, "love uncle")

i often teach her to ask other people to have dinner (in case somebody hasn't come to the dining table). i also teach her to greet good morning, good nite whenever she is going to sleep or just waking up. she could also know how to reply when somebody says 'xie xie, Jing-jing!' (thank you) to her, she will say, "bu yong xie" (no need to thank)


if there is some certain thing she cannot express in words, she would say, "ooh...oooh...!?" with puzzled eyes and face, sometimes pointing with her forefinger. just like Sunday nite, grandma took a piece of plastic rope and tide grandpa's plant in the living room. she felt that there was something unusual, she looked at the plant and said, "ooh..ooh...oooh!"

we all agreed that it ain't look good that way. i taught her to say that it ain't look good. and she followed me by saying, "bu hao kan!" so now if we ask her, "Jing-jing, does it look good?" she will not say 'ooh...ooh...' with puzzling face anymore

Saturday, January 06, 2007

new year's photos

New Year's Eve 31-Dec-2006;
wouldn't cooperate coz wanted to grab the camera, wanted to see pictures in it.

with mommy alone at home (6 Jan 07)

pose for the camera with winter outfits =)
eating some frutty snack .. smile .. raise hands up .. aaaah... give me the camera i wanna see.. ooooh, i'm not happy if mommy won't give me !

in Hefei, during winter the lowest temperature is around -7 centigrade. only several apartment blocks have heating system. normally we have AC in the house. but we seldom turn it on, coz to be honest i myself don't like it, it makes the skin dry and uncomfortable for our throat. so usually we wear more cloth at home or outside.
winter outfits for Crystal:
cotton shirt
woolen t-shirt
cotton vest
thick cotton shirt
woolen shirt again
outside layer to prevent from dirty
cotton pants
2 - 3 pairs of woolen pants
thick cotton pants

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Where is it? It is here!

Crystal is 1 year 6 months 3 days old today.

i often read books for Cyrstal before bed time. or sometimes she looks at the pictures by herself and i ask her questions.

there is one content like this:
eye-eye-eye.. where is it?

eye-eye-eye.. it is here.
nose-nose-nose.. where is it?
nose-nose-nose.. it is here.
mouth-mouth-mouth.. where is it?
mouth-mouth-mouth.. it is here.
(i usually improve with other parts of body that she knows, such as neck, fingers, thumb, hair, etc.)

this afternoon i fed her a 'lu-gan' orange (jeruk lokam) in our bedroom. i asked her to put the orange peel into the trash bin. she went out to the living room and said by herself :
trash bin, trash bin..where is it? it is here.

few days ago, i asked my mother-in-law where Crystal's moisturizer cream was. Crystal was sitting on a stool in living room, drinking her milk and watching TV. out of our expectation, she came to our bedroom, holding her bottle with one hand, and the other hand pointed at the shelf telling us,
"it is here. it is here."

not only i was surprised, also her daddy, grandpa and grandma. it's the joy that you would get when your toddler starts to talk more and more.

the other day, i was looking for her milk-bottle-straw, but couldn't find it. then i asked her, "Jing-jing where is your straw?". She was drinking milk with her bottle, there was another straw in it. She's pointing at the bottle and said, "it's in here." and this one surprised me 'coz i found out that she understood the word: in

two days ago, she wanted to change her shoes. she brought her red shoes to me, saying , "wear big red shoes." actually the shoes are a bit bigger, i often hide it, not let her wear it. but sometimes she just could find them. if i dont change for her, she will cry insistedly. so i change for her.

later on i went to balcony to put some laundry on the clothsline. she went following me bringing her pair of orange winter shoes and said, "dry for a while..dry for a while.."
i never taught her these words (to dry something in the sun). she must have heard either one of us saying it.

another day, her grandma told me that she tested Crystal by asking, "what's grandpa doing?" she answered, "grandpa's reading a newspaper." and as usual her grandma feels surprised!

usually if i play with Crystal and at the same time seeing her grandpa is reading a newspaper, i will tell Crystal what her grandpa is doing.

if you want your toddler to speak more, talk more to her/him. it enlarges her vocab. and you will feel surprised and also you will feel the joy!