Monday, May 11, 2009

Crystal's milestone

it's been quite sometime i didn't write about Crystal's milestone.
Crystal is now 3 years 10.5 months.
16kg (slim .. hehehee..) 

loves to draw
loves to sing and dance
loves to create her own song lyrics or nursery rhymes  

can eat by herself, but moody .. sometimes wants mom to feed her
after having a meal, she will bring her bowl and spoon to the sink (often without reminding) 

can do addition with 3 numbers e.g. 8+3+5 
she knows if 5+5=10 then 5+6 = 11 and 6+6=12 (without using fingers to count) 
can also do subtraction 
can count from 1 .. 100
can do back-counting a lil bit (from 20 to 1) never asked her to try from 100 to 1. 
can write her own chinese name (nickname or complete name) and daddy's name. 
can write a,b,c .. z  (but stil cant completely memorizing the sequence) 
again ..  we always teach her if only she wants to learn something. we never urge or push her. like writing her own chinese name, it's herself that wanted to write it without any of us asking her. 

learn do-rem-mi .. can sing the do-re-mi of are-you-sleeping 
can dial mom's mobile number (11 digits) 
when using the computer or watching kid's tv programs, if mom reminds her to give some rest for her eyes, she will listen and do as mom's suggestion.  
mom usually will say like this, "Jing-jing, remember to give some rest for your eyes. you decide by yourself when the right time is for turning off the computer. mom will not order you to turn off." 
if she turns off, mama will praise her and say, "that's great girl, my dear! you know when to turn it off by yourself, without mama has to order you to stop."
most of the time .. it really works!
i never have to be impatient because she won't listen, won't turn off the computer or tv. 
give your kids a freedom (and let them know it) to decide to do something for themselves. they will be pleased to do it, without you being have to push them.  

never being stingy, always share with Smarty and Angie.  
sometimes she teaches Angie to say some new words. 

never wants to ride a swing (ayunan) .. she is afraid! 
knows quite well the concept of day .. monday, tuesday, wed,... and so on. 
can tell the time by hours (e.g. 1 o'clock .. 2 o'clock ..)  mom haven't taught her the minutes concept. (*again .. not in a hurry!*) 

still beat Angie sometimes .. in case Angie grabs her things. so mommy teaches her, "if Angie wants your thing, you give a similar one to her. so you both can play together." 
though sometimes she forgets.. but she does 'learn'! 
when she is drawing something, Angie wants her pencil color in her hand, Crystal could take one with different color and give to Angie. the same case when she is playing with other things. 

can take care of Angie. in the past, when Angie was putting small thing into her mouth, Crystal would quickly take it out or tell mom that Angie was 'eating' something. if Angie pees somewhere not in the potty, if Angie climbs a stool, Crystal will inform mama. 
thanks, my dear... your are a great sis and mom's great helper!  

if mom asks her to do something like drink water/milk, have dinner, brush teeth, etc., she usually will come immediately by saying, "i'm coming." so mom doesn't have to scream all the time. mom told her: "whenever i call you, please say that you are coming, so i can know that you have heard my voice. otherwise, i may think you don't hear my voice and i need to call your name with louder voice, again and again, that will hurt my throat."  it works! 

mama always wants you to grow healthy and happy, my dear. 
whenever you are happy, mama is surely happy. 
to see you both laugh .. is the most joyous thing in the world! 


TotaLuki said...

crystal pinter yahhhhh.. udah bisa tambah2an yang complicated

Michael, Ryan , Emily's Mommy said...

Crystal tuh ternyata seumuran Ryan ya..aku pikir sama dengan Michael.. wah kalau gitu pintar sekali anakmu Yen..patut bangga deh.

Oh ya soal Gendongan itu, yang kamu maksud yang dipakai sama Pandu itu ya? buat gendong Kaylee?,
Aku punya gendongan buat gendong Emily sih yang dipunggung biasanya buat Hiking tuh, coba cari Hiking baby carier di ebay..
kalau yang dipake Pandu itu sih cuman buat baby umur 1 tahun lebih dikit deh, soalnya setelah itu sudah nggak muat dan kita keberatan ditaruh didepan.

Sarie said...

good lesson mom!

Daku masi perlu belajar nih kykna. Sambil mempersiapkan Nathan jadi lebih mandiri, secara selama ini masih dilayani. Mo maem tinggal "aaaa maaaaa!"

Wah! Crystal dah bisa jadi contoh kakak yang baik nih!

Y3nn1 said...

Duh...senangnya punya anak kaya crystal....*jadi ngarep deh*

Lily said...

wiih....bener2 mandiri banget deh siCrystal..salut loh padahal kan baru umur segitu..

moch' said...

oke mama, i will always listen to you.. i wont make your throat hurt.. it will make me sad..

itu jawaban crystal lho!!