Thursday, August 31, 2006

14 months old

below are Crystal's 13 month's development
"what's your name?" she said, "Ji-ji." (should be Jing-jing).
can say: yi, er, sa (whispering, should be 'san'), si (whispering), wu, liu, qi, ba, jiu, ning (should be 'ling'). but of course still cannot count from 1 to 10

says: Papa hao, mama hao, nai-nai hao, a-yi hao ...etc. a way of greeting in china, means something like "hope papa is fine."
"Are you happy?" she expressed that she was happy by kicking her legs in the air (while seating at the shopping cart in Carrefour)

whispering 'xie-xie' (thank you).
how does a dog bark? 'wou wou !
'how does a cat miaw? 'miaw..miaw..!
'how does a gorilla sound like? 'a wooo.. ooh..ooh..!' (slapping her chest with her hands and then raising her two arms)
how does a hen sound like? 'de-de-de-de-da...' (should be ge-ge-ge-ge-da)
how does a tiger roam? 'aaah..mmm..aaah..mmm..'
how does a lion roar? 'uuu...aoowww...!'

We were playing near dining table. Crytal looked at me and say, 'ba-ba..' and slapping her butt. i quickly carried her for poop. mostly now she can say 'ba-ba' when she wants to poop, or say 'niao-niao' when she wants to pee. but sometimes she also says 'ba-ba' when she wants to pee.

saying a sentence 'yeye da dou-dou' (grandpa is playing marble game)
saying 'da jiu' (first uncle) and da jiu ma (aunt)
saying 'da ji ji' (a kind of expression, maybe in indonesia similar to "duileee..")
what is your surname? 'liu'
what is grandma's surname? 'ma'
what is mama's surname? 'yeni'

jingjing was happily playing with a girl of 4 years old at the nearby medicine store. running in and out and standing on a weighing scale. playing pick-a-boo with her new friend. she laughed and giggled. saying 'liu da' (means go for a walk) saying 'ah-niu' a malaysian pop male singer which is quite famous in China.

imitate an old man walking with a stick
rub talc to her own body or face
climb up toddler dining chair 8th tooth (lower gum, 2nd right front tooth)
say 'mama bao' (ask people to carry her up)
blink her eyes when she was asked to
bite if her cousin is being bad to her

Sunday, August 13, 2006

after lunch, Smarty's mom and dad were lying on the living room floor, sleepy. it's quite a hot summer day!

Crystal and I were winding around living room, bedrooms .. here and there. Smarty was following us everywhere we went. Until then Smarty grabbed an empty plastic chocolate bottle from Crystal's, actually he had one in his hands, coz i gave one each to both of them. of course Crystal wouldnt let him do it. so they were vying for it. i released Crystal's hand coz i knew it would hurt her hand!

after having the bottle, Smarty hit it to Crystal's head, and i quickly covered Crystal's head with my hand (we're sitting on the floor). my sis-in-law said, " Smarty, do not beat mei-mei." (mei-mei = little sister)

Smarty grabbed another toy also hit to Crystal's head, my hand still covered her head. then i carried Crystal, stood up. Smarty took another toy, throwing towards us. when he failed, he spat! oh boy.... ! and during that moment, my in-laws including my father-in-law just watching it and said nothing about it! they really had over spoiled the boy!

i went to bedroom where my mom-in-laws and husband were taking nap. Smarty's following us, and still throwing things to us. i went out. he's following again. at that time, his hand was holding other thing, i said to him, "if you dare throw it to me, i will spank you 3 times." he hesitated for a while, then threw it low to my leg. i spanked him 3 times, not so hard, in front of my in-laws. he spat. and i said, "if you spit again, i will spank you 3 more times." and he spat! and his parents again said nothing!

i went to bedroom and closed the door. he was crying and howling in the living room, wanted to follow us. since he was angry, throwing things in the living room, his grandpa asked him to beat his dad. and his dad said, "beat me Smarty, beat me. even you beat me to death, i will not beat you." oh boy ...!!!!

after 5 minutes, he didnt stop, i went out again with Crystal and he stopped crying. but then he started kicking his mom's legs. his mom just let him do it without saying anything and his grandpa was laughing on it.

how a kid behaves, depends on how the adults treat him, especially parents and or grandparents. here in china, mostly grandparents take care of kid while the parents go to work. so often a kid is spoiled by his/her grandparents.

in my opinion, if a kid is over naughty, sometimes you have to spank him, otherwise he will be out of control, especially after he grows up. and when either of you spank your kid, the other shouldn't laugh or stand on his side.

Crytal always played with the electric fan, turn it on, turn it off, turn it once Lin beat her hand hard and she cried. after that, she almost never played with electric fan anymore.

just last week, when we were in the train, Echo (my colleague) couldn't sleep during the journey, got annoyed by a 3-year-old boy; i said to her the next day, "i never feel annoyed by any kid". this time i really feel annoyed. but i think mostly not bcoz of Smarty, but bcoz of his parents and grandpa.

Friday, August 04, 2006

i am a true lill chomper

Crystal's cousin (Chong-chong, means 'Smarty') is quite a naughty lill boy somehow. he always robs anything (except food) in Crystal's hands, either a toy or a book. and not only that! sometimes he wants to beat Crystal with hand or with toys in his hand.
when i am at home, Crystal often takes my hand and together we will see some posters of animals, abc (and singing the song), fruit, etc. everytime Smarty will follow us (bcoz i like to ask him play together), but then he will stand in front of Crystal, pushing her away and hampering her from seeing the poster by spreading his legs and arms.
the same thing happened tonite and .. suddenly Smarty cried loud! i thought Crystal had scratched him. my sis-in-law came and found some biting marks on Smarty's left arm. oh ghosh, Crystal bit Smarty! it was so quick that i didnt see it at all! later on, the same thing almost happened again several times. since i was already aware about this, Smarty's arm was safe from Crystal's quick movement. i wonder, how a 13-month-old toddler could do it, nobody taught her! it's instinct i guess.. since Smarty annoyed her all the time, maybe it has reached the limit of her patience. hahaha...!but if Smarty doesn't annoy or push her, if we put Smarty's hand in front of her mouth, she won't bite it, she smiles & turns her head away.
Crystal's grandma and grandpa said, "well, at school nobody will be bad to her in the future. she knows how to protect herself."