Saturday, March 18, 2006

4th tooth and toothpick

wah nongol lagi!
4th front-upper-right cutting tooth!
i hope her teeth wouldn't grow like mine =)
doctor said, after drinking milk, give her some water ..

she has new hobby!if she sees her grandma using toothpick, she will want it.
if her grandma doesnt give her, she will cry.
if given to her, she will use the toothpick on her grandma's teeth!!!
and her grandma enjoys playing this toothpick-game with her.
i also taught her new things, toothbrush, toothpaste and towel.
she learned in around 5 minutes!
good girl!

Friday, March 17, 2006

watching her sleeping

i wish i could be with Crystal all the time, watching her grows up day by day, time to time. but at this moment, there is no choice but to be a 'career mom'. so, during day time, monday to friday, i leave my heart at home and leave my Crystal at home with her granny.

i often lack of sleep for silly thing: watching her lovely face while sleeping.
i really enjoy the moment watching and kissing her cheek while she was sleeping. everyday i will say the same thing to Lin, “look at our baby girl, she is soooo adorable!” Huahahaha … Lin might get bored !

Last nite, we had a great time listen to Crystal laughed happily. She laughed when i put 2 fingers each at her ear and in front of her mouth, acting as making a phone call, and saying: “wei…wei…wei…” (means “hello”)
she would laugh joyfully, every time i said "wei...wei...wei..." making us laugh too …
and we could see her 3 cute little front teeth.

last nite, when in living room, i let Crystal play with a spoon and bowl. when i said to her, "mama wants to eat. please feed mama." she would bring the spoon to my mouth (i taught this to her few days back). same thing happened when we tried on her daddy and grandma.

this morning while still on bed, Lin said something that hmmm ... flied me to the moon ... 说找到我他感觉很幸福,应觉得我是个好老婆,对他好,带晶晶也很体贴。=)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

3rd upper-front-left cutting tooth

this was the second time i was out of town. it was for 2 days and 1 night to Shanghai and Ninghai (13 & 14 March) while Lin also had to be out of town two for 3 days (13 - 15 Mar). this was her first nite without mommy and daddy at home.

before falling asleep in my hotel room, i watched her short videos on my mobile until 11.30pm. missed her so at that time! her granny said she woke up twice between midnite and morning.

her 3rd upper-front-left cutting tooth was coming out on 14-Mar-06.

Crystal didn't eat much yesterday, probably she felt uncomfortable with her new tooth. but today she could eat more as Lin told me when i called at lunch time.

she makes a lot of improvement these days. if i teach her something, she can quickly absorb it. for example, it took not more than one hour to let her differ red umbrella and blue umbrella. she also knows red santa clauss and blue santa clauss which i hang on the window.

i taught her "comb" and "combing hair". sometimes if she wants, if i ask her to comb my hair, she will raise her hand that holds a comb to comb my hair. she now can point out people nose, mouth, and eye that is if she wants, bcoz sometimes she doesn't want if she is paying attention on other thing.she also knows big duck and small duckling.i also took her to the balcony, and pointed the moon and stars to her.

but she is slow in studying with "pictures". we have an "animals poster". i think it's more difficult for her bcoz pictures are not "real".

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

brave for needle, afraid of water!

lill Crystal had measles immunization this morning.
all the lill kids in the room were crying after the injection.
again our brave baby girl didn't cry, though she almost cried,
but i manipulated her, asking her where the lamp was ... lol!

but zuueiiiick ... she is terribly afraid of water!
since it's winter, we don't bathe her everyday, worry she might get a flu.
everytime we bathe her, she will cry outloud, no way to calm her!
she will only stop after we dress her and carry her in our arms
then she falls asleep.... zzzzz....zzzz....!

Monday, March 06, 2006

clapping hands

since few months back i've been teaching crystal to clap hands and say: "clap your hands...clap your hands". holding her two hands and clap them. still do the same e'night when i wash her. she wears too much cloth during winter, uneasy to move around or clap hands. however, now she begins to seem like clapping hands .. no clapping voice, of course!
i've been also teaching her to blink eyes, and she just can do it lately in her 8th month. while my friend's baby could do it in his 6th month. well...i comfort myself, every baby is unique and meets her own physical milestones at her own pace. it's true!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

knows her shoes

in the morning i was telling her "shoes.. shoes..". later on in the afternoon, when i said " ..where are your shoes?" She looked at her shoes attentively and dangled her feet.

lill crystal met our neighboor's baby girl, Peng-Peng (who is 15 days older than her), in the balconies of our apartment. the neighboor's baby waved to us, means hello ... but crystal didn't respond. long after few minutes, crystal began to respond and also waved her hand to her lill friend. quite amazing and fun!