Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Angie is 16 months

- still loves to pull someone's hair, especially during sleep 
- still loves to sit on the potty (with diaper on). sometimes brings the potty anywhere  
- mimics her cousin pees (the way a boy pee)
- loves to take off her shoes, almost 100 times a day!!! finally mama found her sis' shoes which can be tied. okey, the problem is solved!   
- loves to use a stool to climb onto the couch, or to reach something higher. 
- can climb the couch even without stool 
-      can mope (*ngambek*) by standing and facing the wall. if we come to her, she will move to other corner, and face the wall again. or she will enter our bedroom and close the door (mimic what her big sis often does). or sometimes she throws things on  her hand to the floor. 
-   during dining time, if she was unhappy, she used to hit mom with a spoon or with her plastic bowl (*halah!!!*) 
more well-trained in using spoon. wants to use chopsticks
- could eat bit by bit by herself; including have yoghurt with a small spoon
- can sing parts of the melody from "are you sleeping brother John" (not the lyrics). 
- loves to get a broom and dirt-carrier (*pengki*)  and plays sweeping floor 
- not stingy (so far).. loves to share her food, snack or drink
- when it's drinking or milk time, loves to deliver her sis and cousin's drink to them
- once she hears her sis wants to watch kid programs in our middle room, she will immediately bring stools back-and-forth, for her sis, cousin, and herself 
- one day her grandpa beat her hand because she pulled the leaves of grandpa's plant.  she came to mom and said, "Mama... grandpa beat." whether she meant, "mama, grandpa beat me." or "mama, beat grandpa. (*bcoz he beat me*)" ? 
- loves to switch off the extension cable
- sometimes still tries to explore the trash bin. but not as often as in the past
- it's very easy to bring her into laugh 
points out our wedding picture as "daddy, autie". even for hundred times i told her it's "mama". 
- can tell if she poops or when sometimes wants to poop. hope this will make the
 potty training easier this summer. 

words that she speaks 
feb   "bao jiao" (when her grandpa/ma make dumpling) 
23-feb yu = fish 
24-feb bu-yao-bao = dont want to be carried up
26-feb ayi = autie 
3-Mar de-de = big brother; jie-jie = big sis (she could say this one or two months ago) 
5-Mar when we ask "who is yenni?" pointed mom, said "ni"  (you or yenni?) 
5-Mar xie-xie nai nai =  thank you, grandma
7-Mar xi-jiao = washing feet 
8-Mar jiao-zi = dumpling
8-Mar hai-yao = want more 
14-Mar jiao-dai = solotape 
15-Mar ju-zi = orange  
17-Mar da-ma-ma = elder autie, tua-em, bude
17-Mar da-bo-bo = elder uncle, tua-pek, pakde  

da = beat, hit 
da = big 
wawa = doll 
hua = flower 
bao = carry
bao-bao = baby 
nai =  milk  
yao = want, medicinie 
diao =  (things) fall down
niu = cow 
dan-dao (should be dan-gao) = cake
ya-dao (should be ya-gao) = tooth paste
ji = chicken
shu-shu = uncle
ji-dan = egg
wu = five
yi = one
er = two 
tai-tai = great grandma
zou = walk
zuo = sit  
zhai zhe = here 
niao-niao = pee
ba-ba = poop 
da-da = open (should be da-kai) 

bagins to know better for left and right.  

recommended blog: Senyum Dunia

blog Senyum Dunia .. 
kisah anak muda Banjar bernama Rei (Andrei Budiman) yang jalan2 ke eropa ala backpacker.  

sarat kisah2 humanis (walau baru baca sebagian). disarankan baca secara runut dari awal. berhubung si empunya blog gak pasang "archive" .. kalo mau baca dari awal, klik di sini untuk posting pertamanya. 

di posting awalnya, Rei menulis gini: 
Eropa gue datang bukan karena saya si sombong yang banyak uang, hanya pria biasa dari kampung biasa yang ingin mengenal dunia karena mimpi2 nya

di situ banyak kisah mengharukan tentang manusia, dari berbagai bangsa dan ras. rasanya seperti membaca sebuah novel. kalo gak mengingat ini jam kantor, pengen rasanya baca sampai habis. 

saat membacanya membuat kalimat kala jiwa-muda-petualang masih bergelora terdengung kembali .. 

Tuhan beserta orang-orang yang berani

cara bertutur kisahnya kocak tapi juga mengharukan.kisahnya di blog kemudian dibukukan dengan judul Travellous: a travel journal. dan Rei menjadi penerbit untuk bukunya sendiri. 

pesan yg hendak disampaikan Rei kepada kita, 
manusia harus berani bermimpi dan terus bermimpi! 

pengen banget punya buku ini! 

Monday, March 30, 2009

my hubby's complicated birth dates

Lunar calendar is different from solar calendar. Every month could have either 29 or 30, and it’s not regular. Depend on the calculation based on the rotary of moon, earth and sun; which I think it’s complicated to understand. 

For example 

....RAT YEAR ........COW YEAR....  
mo 1 = 30 days....mo 2 = 30 days
mo 2 = 29 days....mo 1 = 30 days 
mo 3 = 29 days....mo 3 = 29 days
mo 4 = 30 days....mo 4 = 29 days
mo 5 = 29 days....mo 5 = 30 days
mo 6 = 29 days....mo 6 = 29 days
mo 7 = 30 days....mo 7 = 30 days
mo 8 = 29 days....mo 8 = 29 days
mo 9 = 30 days....mo 9 = 30 days
mo 10= 30 days...mo 10= 29 days
mo 11= 29 days...mo 11= 30 days
mo 12= 30 days...mo 12= 30 days

many chineses still celebrate their birthdays based on lunar calendar, this includes my husband’s family. my husband was born on 30-March-197Y, which in lunar calendar was 30dd-2MM 
According to his grandma, not every month has 30 days. so my husband birthday was changed to 28dd-2mm
That’s why in his ID Card, his birth date is 28-March, instead of 30-March. 
Btw, my big brother also has the same lunar bday as my hubby’s, 30dd 2mm. 

sometimes in a year, just like 2009, he has 4 types of birthday ! 
here there are .. 
24-March : modified ‘lunar’ bday (28dd 2mm) 
26-March : real ‘lunar’ bday (30dd 2mm)  
28-March : modified ‘solar’ bday
30-March : real ‘solar’ bday

complicated?! YES!!!

here is another complicated thing.
Sometimes in a year, there will be a double-months, means a certain month is repeated. 
1982—two 4th month 
1984—two 10th month 
1987—two 6th month  
1990—two 5th month  
1993—two 3rd month  
1995—two 8th month  
1998—two 5th month  
2001—two 4th month  
2004—two 2nd month with 30 days 
(have 6 chances to wish him happy bday in case I forgot!)
2006—two 7th month 
2009—two 5th month  
2012—two 4th month  
2014—two 9th month 
2017—two 6th month 
2020—two 4th month
2023—two 2nd month 
2025—two 6th month 
2028—two 5th month 
2031—two 3rd month
2033—two 7th month  
2036—two 6th month  
2039—two 5th month  
2042—two 2nd month  
don’t ask me why some certain months are not repeated.
The explanation is in below link (in chinese)

if your computer system is kanji-readable, you can search for your lunar birth date in below link

Friday, March 27, 2009

EARTH HOUR 28-March-2009

call 110

Not too many years ago, people had to find the right phone number in an emergency; such as the fire department, police, ambulance, etc. Finding a number for any of these emergency workers could be very confusing - especially if a person was in a hurry or in an unfamiliar area.Today, in the US, it's as simple as dialing 911, an emergency operator, called a dispatcher, immediately connects you to the person you need.
Other countries may use another three numbers. In Great Britain, for instance, it's 999.

while in china the universal emergency number is 110. this number was started to be used on 10 January 1986. 
now the china government is developing contact 110 via sms. because in some emergency case, the victim might be hiding from the criminal and not be able to speak. 

below was a case that ever happened: 
one day a lil girl, who was only in the first grade, just got home from school. she found out both her parents were fainted on the floor due to gas leakage from the stove. since this lil girl was well informed previously for emergency case, she didn't turn on any lamp (which could ignite fire). she immediately opened all the windows and doors and called 110. so the ambulance came for helps. her parents were saved. 

last nite Crystal told me that her kindergarten had an earthquake-escape simulation yesterday morning. 

i believe it's very important that we teach our kids (base on their age level) what to do in case of emergency or how to protect themselves, such as not opening doors to strangers, gas leakage, fire, earthquake, separated from adults during outings activity, kidnapping, etc. 

轻轻松松学防范    简简单单保平安

Thursday, March 26, 2009

three cups of tea, book .. lucky

it was my first time purchasing a book via internet.
the book title is "Three Cups of Tea" 
by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin.

the lucky thing is i'm the first customer of the seller. 
he said since i was the first buyer, he gave me for free. 

it's not expensive though, only US$1.61. it's a chinese version. 

The books that changed the way people think about changing the world: 
Peace Through Education

'Here we drink three cups of tea to do business; the first you are a stranger, the second you become a friend, and the third, you join our family, and for our family we are prepared to do anything - even die' - Haji Ali, Korphe Village Chief, Karakoram mountains, Pakistan. In 1993, after a terrifying and disastrous attempt to climb K2, a mountaineer called Greg Mortenson drifted, cold and dehydrated, into an impoverished Pakistan village in the Karakoram Mountains. Moved by the inhabitants' kindness, he promised to return and build a school. "Three Cups of Tea" is the story of that promise and its extraordinary outcome. Over the next decade Mortenson built not just one but fifty-five schools - especially for girls - in remote villages across the forbidding and breathtaking landscape of Pakistan and Afghanistan, just as the Taliban rose to power. His story is at once a riveting adventure and a testament to the power of the humanitarian spirit.

Three Cups of Tea is one of the most remarkable adventure stories of our time. Greg Mortenson’s dangerous and difficult quest to build schools in the wildest parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan is not only a thrilling read, it’s proof that one ordinary person, with the right combination of character and determination, really can change the world .’ -Tom Brokaw

"Three Cups of Tea is beautifully written. It is also a critically important book at this time in history. The governments of Pakistan and Afghanistan are both failing their students on a massive scale. The work Mortenson is doing, providing the poorest students with a balanced education, is making them much more difficult for the extremist madrassas to recruit." -Ahmed Rashid, best-selling author of Taliban: Militant Islam and Oil in Central Asia and Descent Into Chaos.


haduh .. aku tuh orangnya banyak bacot kali yah ...! 

kalo lagi blog walking,  pas nemu topiknya lagi nyambung buat ngobrol panjang, suka jadi kasih komen panjang (tmsk di shoutbox), atau kadang malah jadi curhat. saking panjangnya bisa buat bikin posting baru di blogku sendiri. 

maaf yah rekan2 .. 
kalo kebetulan aku main/mampir di blognya, komenku kepanjangan. (*pada dasarnya emang doyan ngobrol, apalagi kalo topiknya ringan-ringan*). 

kalo ada yg keberatan dg komen yang agak panjang, tolong kasih tau yah. 

kayaknya musti mulai consider jangan kepanjangan komen/nulis di shoutbox. 

waktu ngantor

Ada rekan kerja satu divisiku (*status belum menikah, belum punya anak*) yang saban hari ketinggalan bus kantor. Dalam 5 hari kerja, rata-rata 3 atau 4 hari dia ketinggalan bus kantor.

7.45 bus lewat di halte dekat rumahnya.

7.50 bus lewat di tempat aku menunggu

8.20 bus lewat di 2 perhentian terakhir sebelum tiba di kantor. tempat tujuan taksinya.

Jika dia keluar (*bangun tidur*) 10 menit lebih awal dari biasanya maka dia bisa keburu naik bus kantor. Kebiasaannya ini sudah berlangsung 19 bulan sejak dia mulai masuk kerja di kantorku ini.

Kalo dikalkulasi biayanya, kira-kira:

Sebulan Rp 350,000. 19 bulan Rp 6.65 jeti

Pernah kami ngobrol gini:

aku: kamu pasang weker di hp dong.

dia: sudah, tapi habis bunyi aku matiin.

aku: alarm hp kan ada snooze.

dia: mmm…

aku: minta makmu dong buat banguni.

dia: ini kan urusanku sendiri, gak mau melibatkan makku.

Nah lho … !

Pernah lagi dia bilang gini ke rekan “abc” ,

dia: aduh, duitku rasanya cepat banget habisnya. Gak tau ke mana aja pengeluarannya.

abc: habis buat lu naik taksi.

dia: aku mau mulai bikin catatan pengeluaran

abc: lu bikin catatan pengeluaran, tapi kebiasaan telat gak lu ubah, yah sama aja. catatan pengeluaran hanya berguna kalo lu analisa pengeluaran mana yang kudu ditekan.

Kalo si abc ini lebih ‘pinter’ bermain dengan waktu. Pinter manfaatin reimburse kantor buat keperluan pribadi.

Kerjaan divisi kami untuk saat ini memang nyantai. Si abc ini kalo habis jam makan, tidur2an di kursi kerja sambil dengari musik. Kalo udah bosan, dia ke kantor produksi, ngobrol2 dengan rekan dekatnya. Kalo udah jam pulang, seringkali dia mulai sibuk .. cari alasan lembur. Ntar pulang tinggal naik taksi ke tujuan di mana dia janjian dengan teman2nya. habis tuh, reimburse.

Namanya juga si abc ini ‘pinter’.

sementara aku, hanya butuh 30% dari waktu ngantor untuk membereskan semua kerjaan dan laporan2 buat boss. Selebihnya, nyantai abis. Sebenarnya kerjaan si abc itu kalo dilimpahkan ke aku, pun bisa dikerjain tanpa perlu lembur.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

memorizing numbers ?

Crystal bisa nyebutin angka 0 sampai 9 pada saat usia 1 tahun. dan tahu membedakan 6 dan 9 tanpa salah. makanya pada umur 18 bulan, dia hapal nomor telpon rumah kami, rumah oomnya dan nomor fleksi papanya. juga bisa bahasa isyarat tangan untuk 1 sampai 10.
saat umur 2 tahun dia bisa berhitung mundur dari 10 sampai 1, dan dengan isyarat tangan. 

kalo soal menghapal telpon, kebetulan saja nomor telpon rumah kami  gampang diingat. something like 2233 008 (not real numbers). nomor rumah oomnya juga, similar to these numbers: 2244 404.
nomor fleksi papanya aja yang rada ribet dikit.

hapal nomor hp mamanya yg 11 digit saat umur 3.5 tahun. 

kami 'mencekokkan' info2 seperti alamat rumah, nomor2 telpon karena menurut kami hal ini patut diingat oleh anak2. just in case of emergency. sambil setiap saat, setiap jalan2 keluar, selalu mendengung-dengungkan untuk tidak jauh-jauh dari orang tua; menyeberang jalan kudu gandengan dengan orang tua. 

kapasitas memori otak seorang anak kecil itu ibarat memori dari komputer baru yang belum di-save dengan banyak file dan folder. makanya mereka gampang sekali mengingat atau menghapal segala informasi yg dicekoki orang dewasa ke dalam otak mereka.

apa yang dipelajari saat balita atau waktu masih kecil, biasanya diingat seumur hidup. contoh paling sederhana seperti :   
angka (0 1 2 3 ... 9 ...100  dstnya)
huruf (a b c ... z)
warna (merah, hitam, putih...)
bentuk (lingkaran, segitiga, bujursangkar ... )

hayo siapa yang masih ingat lagu satu-satu aku sayang ibu, balonku, potong bebek angsa, pelangi, tik-tik-tik bunyi hujan .. ?!  kayaknya ini adalah lagu2 abadi di memori kita, sampai kita jadi kakek nenek pun gak bakalan lupa. 

sebenarnya para "anak ajaib" yang hapal nama kepala negara atau ibukota dari berbagai negara, hapal buku yang isinya semua marga yang ada di china (hapal sampai baris ke berapa, kolom ke berapa),  atau "anak ajaib" yang di usia 2 tahun tahu bendera semua negara, dstnya, itu karena mereka diexpose dulu terhadap informasi ini, baru mereka mengingatnya. memang tak dipungkiri, ada anak yang kemampuan mengingatnya melebihi anak-anak lain pada umumnya. 

terhadap Crystal, kami fokusnya bukan membiarkan Crystal melulu menghapal, tapi lebih ke mengerti dan menganalisa. apalagi daddy-nya, kalo ngajarin sesuatu, sukanya malah dia yang nanya WHAT, WHO, WHEN, WHY, HOW ke Crytal. 

saat bercerita, setelah suatu cerita pernah diceritakan beberapa kali, maknya suka mengajak Crystal untuk giliran bercerita.  

Crystal dari kecil juga punya kebiasaan mengganti sendiri teks lagu atau ngarang cerita sendiri. biarpun kadang ceritanya cuman pendek, cuman beberapa kalimat. tapi so meaningful for her mom! hehehee...!  
hasilnya kayak modifikasi cerita the fox and the crow.

pernah dia cerita serigala dan kelinci .. kadang2 kelincinya malah yang berubah jadi serigala buat nakut2in serigala benerannya. hehehehe...!  gitulah kalo anak kecil berimajinasi.

temukanlah sendiri "keajaiban" memori anak2 kita. 

you'll be amazed !!! 

Friday, March 20, 2009

call from Crystal

this wednesday, when i was on the way, i got a call from home. 

mom: hello.
Crys: mama, why haven't you arrived at home yet?
mom: in a few minutes mama will arrive. do you dial mama's number by yourself?
Crys: yeah. i dialed 136****4445 
mom: ok, i'll arrive soon. i hang up the phone now, ok? 
Crys: ok. see you later mama! 
mom: see you later dear.

this was the first call dialed by herself that i picked up. i felt so surprised and happy after picking up the call. she often dials my number using her daddy's mobile. but i never pick up 'coz i am at home at that time. usually i will press 'no' to reject her call and we play with imaginary conversation. 

Crystal could speak quite early. 
she could memorize her daddy's mobile and our home's number when she was 18 months old. i used to video it with my mobile. i told her these numbers, 'coz i think it's important for my children to memorize our phone numbers and address.  

Thursday, March 19, 2009

5 Social Insurances in China

I think started from 2008, a foreigner that works in china can also enjoy the benefit of 5 social insurance. In my company, all the labors in the production department also enjoy the same benefits of these social insurance and housing fund. 

For company which follows government regulation, there will be 5 types of social insurance (mandatory by government) + 1 housing fund (not mandatory) for its employees. There are:

Pension insurance         : company 20% employee 8% (to be paid at least for 15 years)

Health insurance           : company   8% employee 2%  

Unemployment insurance: company   2% employee 1%

Work-Injury Insurance   : company 0.5 ~ 1.5% (depend on local reg.) employee 0%

Maternity Insurance      : company 0.8 ~ 3% (depend on local reg.) employee 0%

Housing Fund               : company 5~20% employee 5~20% (decided by company)

to summer up:

employee's contribution: 26.0% (for foreigner, less 15% housing fund)
company's contribution : 46.8% (for foreigner, less 15% housing fund)

To be calculated based on the amount of take-home pay salary. Pension, unemployment and health insurance can only be claimed under special terms.



* monthly withdrawal until the person dies.

* funeral expense when the person dies

* one time insurance to the family

* when beneficiary dies, for spouse with earning difficulty, monthly pension fund will be provided

p.s.: sorry, the calculation is a lil bit complicated for me to translate it  


company: 8% employee: 2%.

However, 3% will go into the employee’s health insurance card monthly. The amount in this card can be used to buy certain medicine, or for payment of medical treatment fee in the hospital.  

a. clinical or emergency treatment: annually does not exceed RMB 2000

b. if annually amount is more than RMB 2000, the extra amount can be reimbursed by 50%; maximum amount is RMB 20,000.

c. medication and prescription only at appointed hospital and drugstore.

d. for serious illness, should provide with related documents to support, medication and prescription at special appointed hospital and drugstore.

e. some detail for hospitalization  (not translated)


The insurance at least has been paid by 1 year or more. The beneficiary is under status of job seeking, not in the status of unwilling to work anymore.



Reimbursement for medication expense when a person get a work injury.



Reimbursement for all expense that related to maternity process; such as maternity medication, surgery, hospitalization expense and related prescription.



Example of Calculation:

Basic take-home pay salary RMB 5,000


personal payment

Payment by company





Basic health



5000×1%=50 and

5000 x 7% = 350

Unemployment insurance



Work injury




Maternity fund


5000 x 0.8%=40

Housing fund





5000× 39.8%=1990

and or


If your take-home pay for example is RMB 5,000, then your gross salary will be approximately around RMB 5,990.

The insurance paid by company will be around RMB 1990 (RMB 1 = Rp 1750).

Surely you cannot cash all of these amounts.  But this amount goes to your own future benefit.

Housing fund (not for foreigner, only for local chinese), can be claimed periodically, under certain condition.   




五险 (法定的)à     养老保险






一金(不是法定的)à  住房公积金

calculation : http://bj.house.sina.com.cn/gjjjsq/index.html



、养老保险:单位:20% 个人8%
、医疗保险:单位:8%   个人2%    各地区均有不同要求,但都是单位要比个人负担的多)

3、失业保险:单位:2%   个人1%

4、工伤保险:单位:0.5%1%1.5%  (根据企业经营性质决定,个人不需要缴纳
、生育保险:单位:0.8%3%     (不等根据地区要求,个人不需要缴纳


l       养老保险,要达到法定的年龄才可以。

l       失业保险金的领取也是要具备条件,比如你到户口所在地的街道办事处办理失业证明,同时又办了求职证,就是指你失业以后还必须有求职的意愿,这样的条件才可以领取。如果失业之后你不想工作,那么就不能给你发保险金。养老金和失业金是不能同时享受的。 





































3. 失业保险




























































5000 × 18% + 3.3 = 903元


5000 × 42.5% = 2125元