Sunday, May 10, 2009

fine sunday

i think it's very common when a kid mimics her/his siblings. that happens to Angie (and Crystal too). 

when Crystal climbs the back of our couch .. 
when Crystal climbs onto our bed ..
when Crystal whispers at mommy's ear ..
when Crystal brushes teeth and rinses mouth ..
when Crystal draws pictures .. 
when Crystal walks with her arms behind her back .. 
when Crystal kisses mommy or daddy ..
Angie will do the same. 

compares to 2.5 years ago, Crystal now has a more 'girlie-comrade'  =)  
Angie likes to take plastic bowls, plates and spoons from our kitchen cabinet. so with Crystal they'll play cook-feed-and-eat. 
not always played ultraman, monkey king, monsters .. as she did with Smarty before Angie was born. 

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moch' said...

untung adeknya cepet nongol ya, kalo gak crystal bisa jadi tomboy ya.. kalo 3jagoan dirumah, mang laki2 ya, jadi kalo becanda juga kadang kasar satu sama lainnya.. imagine kalo punya anak ce.. hihihi