Wednesday, October 04, 2006

to the country side (3~4 Oct 2006)

i always wait for the chance to take Crystal to the country side or to the nature. during Chinese National Holidays (1-7 Oct), on 3rd and 4th Oct, we went to the country side to visit my mom-in-law's mom, who at this moment lives at her 4th daughter's house.

I believed Crystal enjoyed her time there. this was her third time going to the country side. she was very happy to see ducks, cow, dogs, chickens, cats. saying, "mama .. take my hand", she held my hand and chased chickens on the front yards. of course the chickens were afraid of her, and ran for their lifes... =)

she also put her finger for the duck after seeing me doing it. and immediately pull back her finger when the duck bit her. but then she put her finger again for the ducks. or ask me to put my fingers to the ducks, saying "mama bite...mama bite..." (means: "mama, let the duck bite your finger")

she also liked a lot to play with the hand-water-pump. since she could never pump out any water, she always called me to pump for her. then she would wash her hands under the water flow.

other things she liked to do was going in and out the bedroom, climbing up and down the stairs, playing with vegetable basket, playing with hay broom, or playing horsey at mama's back.

when i found a small caterpillar, i picked it up and handled to her. she brought the caterpillar with her thumb and forefinger and showed to her grandma enthusiastically. too bad we didnt have chance to show Crystal's father, who was sooooo afraid of caterpillar, bcoz her grandma immediately stepped on the poor caterpillar once it dropped to the ground.

i also took her to a small pond nearby the house. seeing some plants, trees, wild flowers, and cow's poop on the way to the pond. =) her daddy threw a stone into the water. she immediately tried to do the same, but the stone fell into her back. i had to help her throwing the stone into the water and she giggled happily.

during the time we stayed there, she almost never left my side. she always asked me all the time to take her hands and walked around with her. even it was hard time for me to go to toilet. ;-P she would cry all the time, "mama...carry me up... mama.. carry me up..." or she would cry if she didnt see me around.

sure i am very happy to know that i am her highest preference.