Saturday, September 30, 2006

15 months old

Crystal is 15 months old today.

83 cm height

below are her 14 month's development :

most improvements are especially in verbal side. there are a lot of words and several simple sentences she can say now. some motoric improvement are such as: climbing a chair or bed more steadily or more quickly. when driving the scooter, she can make a turn quickly and easily.

she also now can eat by herself using a spoon. however, with me still holding the bowl for her, coz she surely cannot hold the ceramic bowl (heavy and worry she would drop it). the bowl should be hold right below her chin in front of her chest, since she eats porridge with is more liquid and she still cannot well control her hand movement.

9 Sep 06
say new words :
er duo (ear)
tou (head)
tou fa (hair)
mei mao (eye brow)
shou (hand)
jiao (foot)
bi (nose)
xia (get down)
xia (shrimp)
bye bye
shu shu (uncle)

10 Sep 06
xie diao lo / wa diao lo (her shoes are dropped / when we take off her shocks)
qing wa (frog)
hou zi (monkey)
bu yao (don't want)

now we don't have to worry in case when we take her out and would lose her shoes, since she will immediately warn us about it. one day i took her to play outside in front of a medicine store, when i carried her home for having dinner, she exclaimed, "xie diao lo...", i saw her right shoes dropped on the ground.

15 Sep 06
ya chi (tooth)
yan jing (eyes)
yan jing (eye glasses; with different tone)
e shu (call her daddy er-shu following the way her cousin calls her daddy)

18 Sep 06
eat pomegranate and spit out the seeds

19 Sep 06
bo li (glass)
a, b, c, d, e, f, o (saying it)
mei mei (younger sister)
di di (younger brother)
jie jie (older sister, actually she can pronounce it before, but i forgot when)
de de (should be 'ge ge' for older brother)
wo (me or i)

20 Sep 06
ai-yo-leee... (when she feels hurt, e.g.: her fingers got stuck)
what is daddy's name? liu-chu-lin (should be: liu chunlin)
nai nai huai, ye ye hao (her grandpa teased her by saying "grandma is bad", she repeated and continued with "grandpa is nice")

call: da mama and da bobo (means: auntie & uncle. without guidance anymore, usually i needed to guide her with 'da', then she would say da mama)

niu niu chi (a hand-drive scooter)
qi qiu (baloon)

27 Sep 06
count completely from 1 to 10
mama lai (mama, come here)
mama la (mama, take my hand)

30 Sep 06
Nai nai tuo di (grandma is mopping floor)
ai ni (love you)
mama wo ai ni (mama.. i love you. also daddy i love you. love mama ...etc.)
9th tooth (1st molar), right upper molar
eating by herself using a spoon

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

our lill smarty

14 mo 4 weeks

Crystal's grandma told me this after dinner: "Cyrstal's got the brain."
this afternoon, Crystal and Smarty were playing at our main bedroom. there's a computer there. they were clicking the CPU, keyboard, mouse, wanting to climb up the bed or chair, unloading things from the cabinet, etc. So grandma said to Smarty and Crystal, "ok kids, let's get out from here and let's go and play at the next bedroom."

So Smarty and Crystal went out. Smarty went to the living room, while Crystal went to the next bedroom.

Yes, basically, we can communicate easily with Crystal. i can say that she can understand everything we tell her or ask her to do, she also can give responses by answering our questions with some simple words that she can say.

I do hope our Crystal is an intelligent kid. Which parents don't?

another progress she made this week was that she could now count completely from 1 to 10. if we ask what our house phone number is, she would say, 55667788 ... hahaha... almost a correct answer.

Monday, September 18, 2006

count the flowers

1 year 2 months 3 weeks

i really enjoyed my weekend with Crystal. she can walk steadily now. she almost never falls, unless her bro pushes her. so i'm fully protective if her cousin is around.

she accompanied me when i was busy tidy up out the house. sometimes busy with things on her hands she was mumbling by herself, "yeni..mama..yeni .. mama.." sometimes she would come to me whiningly, "mama bao..mama bao.." (mama, carry me up) or held my hand and walked to anywhere she liked around the house. or sit on a stool in the toilet, watching me washing the cloth.

we went out in Saturday afternoon. there is a licensed store for 2008 olympic mascot. She kissed the big version doll FUWA JINGJING; which she has the tiny version. i bought for her especially 'coz her name is Jing Jing 晶晶 (means Crystal)

there are 5 dolls, call FU WA; fu 福 = good fortune. wa 娃 = kid. the name of the mascots are fuwa Beibei, Jingjing, Huanhuan, Yingying, Nini. BEIJING HUANYING NI 北京欢迎你 = Beijing Welcomes You.

This morning, Crystal woke up and looked at our wedding picture hanging above the bed, saying, "papa..mama...papa...mama...". i said, "there are flowers on daddy's hand, count it ... Crystal." She started to count, "yi er san .. wu liu qi ba jiu shi" (usually she skips the 'four', that i have to remind her and counts faster from 5 to 10). around 2 months ago she could recognize the numbers, but could not say it.

i always love to be around her.
i think i need her much more than she needs me =)