Friday, November 28, 2008

pandan indonesian cuisine 香兰印尼餐厅

found an indonesian restaurant in Guangzhou (!), which according to my boss, it's the only indonesian restaurant in southern china area. (is this true?)

since i never had indonesian food in china (except indonesian fried rice, which i can also cook it by mysel), for me it was very tasty! with some wayang and batik decoration for the interior, the place was nice and quite comfy. the price level is also acceptable.

Open 11:30am-10:00pm

averagely: RMB 58/person .. Rp 75,000/person

some food prices (roughly ) that i could remember:
ayam bakar RMB 30/RMB 48 (half or whole)
udang cah buncis RMB 30
nasi uduk RMB 6
nasi kuning RMB 7
gado-gado RMB 24
kangkung plecing RMB 28
sayur asem RMB 24 (without 'sayur asem' only the taste of the soup)
soto ayam RMB 24
nasi goreng RMB 28

Pandan Indonesian Cuisine
Huanshi East Road No. 475
Dong Du Building Block A 16-19
Yuexiu Area, Guangzhou City
Phone: (+86-20) 8760 5258

about 500m after the Zoo South Door

last nite, i went there with friends from our Hefei office (Sandy, Gary, Huan, Neil and Johnson). Sandy, Gary, Huan and Neil expressed that they liked it a lot. we finished the food within 30-40 minutes. they said they couldnt stop eating! Huan said, "Jenny, you can open an indonesian restaurant in Hefei!"

i wish i had the ability and the money! if i really open an indonesian restaurant one day, maybe it will be mainly as a hobby! ;-P

belom pernah gua makan sekalap ini ..hahahaa...! 

and here are some pictures of food we ordered ..
(all pictures were not taken by myself .. taken from blogs or other websites)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hurray ... Qiqi is 1 year old today!

happy bday, my lil dear!

mama feels so bad that couldnt be by your side today! mama is having a 4-day-training in Guangzhou. only can be back by tomorrow evening.

75cm; about 9kg; head circumference: 46.3cm

according to daddy, Qiqi can walk quite far now. on 26th, grandma wrapped-around her belly with a piece of cloth only as security. and let her walk by herself. on 27th, grandma didnt use the cloth anymore. (so eager to see it!)

still loves to pull other people's hair. especially during sleep time!

loves to hold a stick or anything that is long, with mama carrying her, she will hit all decoration lanterns one by one that we hang on the door frame .. with the stick. that will make her laugh happily.

(*the wording on the birthday cake shouldn't be this way! including the pigs color ..*)

can get jealous
if mama carries her big sis. she will move towards mama. even try to push her big sis away.

if she has a cutton-bud on her hand, she will aim it at her ear. if she has a toothpick on her hand, she will bring it to her mouth. of course we will prevent her from doing it. she will try to comb someone's hair if she has comb on her hand. if she has a piece of tissue paper, she will wipe her own mouth or nose.

on the morning of 25th Novgember, she woke up and called, "mama..mama.." when waking up, mama saw her staring at mama's eyes and smiled. oh dear... mommy loves you so much!

loves to pick up the phone and says, "uh...". then climb up the phone cabinet, reaches everything on the shoe cabinet, throws all of the things thru her shoulders.

loves to 'dance'. for slow music, she will move her head left and right. for faster beat, she will move her legs and butts.

likes to point on her own fingers as if she were counting 1..2..3..4..5..

she is good in eating and drink water. milk also! can be very impatient during the beginning of a meal. she will pull our hands impatienly to move the spoon to her mouth. much easier to be fed compare to her big sis! (the same case for feeding medicine)

if she sees anybody eating anything, she will always want a bite too

she is very fond of oranges. she can bite the orange peel, or try to peel with her fingers.

she likes to throw an egg (*plastic*) to the floor and said, "zha..!" (means: squeak). we usually purchase 100-200 eggs at a time. since we cannot keep them all in the refrigerator, my parents-in-laws keep them under the bed in the "balcony" room. okey... Qiqi once crawled to the bed and played with the eggs! at that time mama was busy, daddy was making a phone call and didnt watch her at all. yes.. she broke 2 eggs, and cracked 2 eggs. if we have breakfast, she will do the same with the cooked-egg on the table.

if mama gets home from work, she will start to whine until mama hold her up. in the morning, when mama goes to work, okey .. she is still willing to wave goodbye. mama believes, there will be time in the next few months, she will cry if mama goes to work!

likes to drive a kind of glider / kid cart (*i dont know how to call it. see the picture here*) but as always, she sits and plays with it not more than 1 minute.

could notice all family members outside our apartment building from our 4th floor window.

she will be so busy to climb down from the bed and brings her diaper to the trash bin once we change her diaper. sometimes her daddy give her some orange bill and said, "throw it to the trash bin." she will do it happily.

loves to bring sandals or shoes to all the people.

sometimes likes to try to press the light switch. wants to play with computer mouse.

if on baby walker, likes to explore all the drawers.

can drink with a straw or from a sipping cup early of this month.

bites when angry or fussy. but she seldom does it anymore.

starts to recognize her own left and right foot.

enjoys a lot when i rub a baby-cream on her face or clean her ears.

can take off her own shoes and shocks.

try to press the on-off switch of mama's mobile phone.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

mamak-mamak pelupaan

belakang berasa kok makin pelupa yah. kemarin waktu dah di bus kantor, aku berlari balik ke lobby. ngerasa ninggalin bungkusan di situ. pas di lobby, kok gak ada yah. sutralah .. balik lari lagi ke bus. terus nelpon teman kantor yg lagi lembur, bilangi tolong simpeni..kayaknya aku ninggalin dekat water dispenser. tadi sebelum pulang sempat minum dulu sebentar. 

teman kantorku nelpon balik bilang gak ada tuh. pagi ini nemuin ternyata masih di kolong mejaku. gara-gara teman kantor ku juga, yg dengan yakin bilang aku menenteng bungkusan waktu keluar. 

ternyata ada yang lebih parah lagi pelupaannya. maknya teman kantor. suatu kali dia mau memanaskan susu dengan panci. nyari-nyari korek api gak ketemu. terus ke kamar nyariin korek api, karena gak nemu juga, dia pun lupa. tiba-tiba si mamak teringat dan bilang (*dengan nada agak panik*): "waduh .. gawat ... jangan2 susunya dah kering dan pancinya dah hangus!" 

pernah lagi kawanku itu nanya ke maknya, "mama, kamu lihat tas merahku gak?" maknya berpikir sebentar. karena gak bisa mengingat, jawab maknya gini: "kamu mana punya tas warna merah." 

kocak juga mamak satu ini! 

Pak-bos ku yang baik

Pak-Bos ku tuh harus diakui emang cukup baik padaku. Ada training group kerjasama bareng P&G. 2 tahun lalu aku gak dikirim buat training ini. Tahun ini, kepala pabrik mengajukan nama2 .. tapi aku gak didaftarkan. Padahal aku amat sangat berminat.

Saat Pak-Bos lihat, namaku pun dimasukkan. Ada beberapa nama yang dicoret karena gak bisa bahasa Inggris, sementara trainingnya dengan pengantar bahasa Inggris. Terus dia suruh aku nambah satu hari di pabrik Guangzhou buat lihat2 (kasih masukan, katanya) dan akan mentraktir aku makan di salah satu resto indo yang kebetulan dia tau ada di GZ.

Pak-Bos ku yg memang dasarnya sangat friendly ini adalah salah satu faktor yang membuat aku masih bertahan. Walau sebenarnya dah mulai males nih. Cuman di kotaku ini, mau dapat kumpeni yang suasananya enak dan mau menggaji orang asing tuh gak gampang-gampang banget.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

self check-in

i went 2 days to Chao-an, a district between Chaozhou (Tiociu) and Shantou (Shuathao). 
it's about 45 minutes by car from Shantou airport.  
Shanthou was the hometown of my grandparents from mother's side. 
While Chaozhou was the hometown of my grandparents from father's side.

feel kinda familiar somehow to hear people speak chaozhou language. though it's a bit different than chaozhou language i spoke in indonesia.

and finally i got a chance to try using the self check-in facility in Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. (feel like a sua-ku* myself .. hehehehe...) 

you could choose where you want to sit (available seats). 

di kampung halaman dah ada belom? 
mudah2an indo bisa makin maju yah! 
ada teman kantor yang pernah kerja di indo, bilang bandara Soekarno-Hatta jelek. ah... mesti gimana jawabnya yah .. 

* kampungan, a hick, unsophisticated

Monday, November 10, 2008

Purslane or Krokot for curing diarrhea

Portulaca Oleracea

English name: purslane 

Indonesian name: krokot  

Chinese name: 马齿苋 mǎ chǐ xiàn  or 马齿菜mǎ chǐ cài

Can be used for reducing inflammation, curing diarrhea, newborn jaundice, avitaminosis, chincough, leucorrhea (whites), and for detoxification purpose. Also can be eaten like spinach or as salad.

Di China, tumbuhan krokot terkenal manjur untuk menyembuhkan diare. Caranya: daun krokot segar direbus dengan air dan ditambahkan gula merah secukupnya. Diminum 2 atau 3 kali sehari.  


diarrhea: 60~90 grams fresh purslane, boil with water for about 10 minutes, add brown sugar. Drink twice a day.

leucorrhea (whites): 60 grams purslane, 2 egg-whites; mix it. Pour boiled water into the mix, drink it once a day.

newborn jaundice: fresh purslane, blend into juice. take 30 grams (around 30ml), pour boiled water into it. drink twice a day.

urinary system problem (e.g. blood in urine or stool) : Fresh purslane, blend into juice. Take about 60ml or half glass, drink with water from rice-cooking. drink twice a day.


For further readings:

Purslane has a slightly sour and salty taste. It has more beta-carotene than spinach, as well as high levels of magnesium and potassium. Historically by European and Asian cultures, it has been used as a remedy for arthritis, constipation, and inflammation of the urinary system. Chinese herbalists found similar benefits, using it in respiratory and circulatory function, also for curing diarrhea or dysentery.

Recently, it's been found that purslane contains more alpha linolenic acid (a type of omega-3 fatty acids) than any other leafy vegetables plant. Researchers see evidence that these substances lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well as make the blood less likely to form clots. It also containes vitamins (mainly A and C, some B and carotenoids), as well as dietary minerals, such as Mg, Ca, K, Fe.

And, purslane has only 15 calories per 100 g portion.

Also present are two types of betalain alkaloid pigments, the reddish betachanins (visible in the stems color) and the yello betaxanthins (flowers and slight yellowish cast of the leaves). Both of these pigment types are potent antioxidants and have been found to have antimutagenic properties in laboratory studies.


Some source:

Mimi .. 米米

introducing cute 'lil Mimi .. Mama Rika's daughter, who is about 4.5 months younger than Qiqi. 

look at picture no. 3, she posed like Sun Wu Kong, the Monkey King. lol ... !

* Rika is my colleague. 

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Angie's slumber time

During bed time, Angie always likes to pull mama’s hair until she falls asleep.  And around 3 or 4 am, she often would unconsciously hit mama’s face with her arms. As she grows bigger, mama is more afraid of her. Because it hurts more than before. The only thing mama could do is hide below the quilt.

Besides that, when she turns herself aside, her hands will search for mama’s hair. She needs to pull mama’s hair her to turn back into her sleep. Oh dear …!

Mama considers putting Crystal’s doll next to Angie next time.  And let’s see what will happen. Erica (Guo-Guo’s mom), my colleague, also gave the same suggestion.

Pulling hair is one of Angie’s favorite to-do-list. =)  

Actually this is not Angie’s problem. The problem is, four of us, still sleep in one bed! Crystal still always wants to sleep with us. Though sometimes she sleeps with her grandpa and grandma. So you can imagine .. sometimes Crystal’s leg is on my belly, or even on his daddy’s face.

We still love to cuddle Crystal and always miss her while she sleeps with her grandparents (even only one room away).  =) 

Friday, November 07, 2008

enak-enak dengan duit kumpeni

sekarang lagi trend di kantorku buat cari-cari kesempatan untuk makan-makan dibayarin kumpeni.

ada aja event yang bisa dijadikan alasan buat makan2, misal:
* adaVP, director atau karyawan dari sister company yang mampir.
* nambah orang baru di suatu departemen/divisi.
* acara karaoke bersama (untuk grup peminat nyanyi).
* ada customer yang datang (kalo ini sih emang kudu makan2 lah).
* buat menjalin kekerabatan

sekali makan, biasanya berkisar 5-15 orang.
kalo makan2 bersifat divisi, kadang bisa sampai 20-30 orang. buruh2 pabrik pun setahun bisa makan bersama ntah berapa kali.

orang china di sini, tiada makan2 tanpa minum2. yang paling murah beer, kalo yang mahalan dikit, anggur merah atau arak china.

sekali makan2, bisa menghabiskan RMB 500 ~ RMB 2000! kurskan aja, 1 RMB sekitar Rp 1300. udah gitu ada 2 orang, kepalanya produksi dan kepalanya customer service, habis makan2 senangnya nyambung nyanyi atau clubbing. lagi2 dengan dibayarin kumpeni.

kumpeni tempatku ini dah terlalu longgar dan terlalu 'baik' ke karyawannya. jadi yah dimanfaatkan bangetlah.

saking longgarnya, malah tahun2 sebelumnya ketika belum nyewa bus karyawan, buat buruh yang kerja shift (baik pagi, siang atau malam), pulang pergi naik taksi dan boleh reimburse. nah, ini lagi2 yah dimanfaatin banget. pulang pergi dengan bus umum atau diantar suami/pacar, tapi habis itu reimburse taksi, yang sudah pasti nominalnya dilebih2kan. uang reimburse taksi bahkan bisa sama jumlahnya dengan gaji pokok.
.. begitulah manusia yah ...

kadang senewen juga sih lihat orang2 kayak gitu .. tapi bukan urusanku, duit juga bukan duitku.

pernah ada rekan yang pulang bareng taksi denganku saat kami sama-sama overtime, terus dia turun dekat rumahku. aku yang bayar. dia bilang, "ntar kalo reimburse jangan bilang kita bareng2 yah." soalnya dia mau reimburse juga. walah .. walah ..

aku sendiri paling gak pernah melebih2kan kalo reimburse. menyalahin prinsip pribadi. menurutku, janganlah menginginkan apa yang bukan menjadi hak kita; nanti kita malah jadi serakah. aku percaya banget .. Tuhan tidak akan membiarkan anak2Nya berkekurangan, asal kita berusaha dengan kejujuran.

Monday, November 03, 2008

sleeping time

before sleeping, Angie, Crystal and mama lie together on the bed below the quilt. Crystal and mama sing vege and fruit nursery rhyme, and play clapping-each-other-hand. Angie also participates in this game. she looks so happy and likes this rhyme.

after playing this, Angie will slowly fall asleep. mama will tell Crystal story about "Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs". then Crystal will request mama to sing Snow white theme song or the song: "Little Rabbit and The Wolf."
for snow white theme song, mama can only sing as, "hoho..hoho...hoho hoho hoho ..." . 

okey .. time to sleep, my dear... zzzzz . . . zzz .  .  . z .  .  z .   . 

this routine has happened for already one week. sometimes for several times, mom has fallen into sleep and said nothing anymore .. Crystal is waiting .. and says, "quickly mom .. continue to tell." hehehee .. sorry my dear .. the snow white story is just too long to tell .. while sometimes mama is just too sleepy! 
if mama is not sleepy, mama will tell more detail. but if mama is sleepy, mama skips the details and shorten the story. =) 

Crystal said she didn't want to watch the animated movie of Snow White. Seemed she was afraid of the devil queen (as the picture below).


Sunday, November 02, 2008

left and right

belakangan si emak mulai ngajarin kiri kanan ke angie. sama metodenya dengan waktu ngajarin crystal. mulainya dari gorden kiri dan kanan, terus kaki kiri dan kanan. 
awal2nya angie mulai ngeh bedain gorden kiri dan kanan. terus kalo ditanya, kaki kiri yang mana .. eh, malah ngelihatin gorden yang kiri.
tapi hari sabtu maren (1-Oct), waktu ditanya gorden kiri dan kanan, okeh. terus pas ditanya kaki kiri, dia pegang kaki kirinya. ditanya kaki kanan, dia pegang kaki kanannya. diulang beberapa kali pada waktu yang beda.. hasilnya idem. 
gorden udah dibolak-balik nanyanya. mostly dia udah bener.
tapi belom dibolak-balik untuk kaki kanan kaki kiri. 

minggu siang ini, dipotret oleh mama (setelah dipesan oleh tante c'line buat update foto) , dadak.. dia pasang mata genit. padahal sebelum2nya mama udah berkali-kali ngajarin, dia gak mau. ngegemesin... 

maren juga disuruh geleng, disuruh angguk, semua dah bisa. sekarang tinggal belajar jalannya. gara2 sering ditaroh di baby walker, kalo jalan tuh maunya lari. habis gimana, kadang oma capek banget, sakit pinggang, jadi angie ditaroh di walker sejenak, buat istirahat. kadang di rumah juga kalo mama lagi sibuk kudu nyiapin makan atau susu, biar bisa cepat, angie ditaroh di baby walker dulu. selain itu, kalo jalan, gayanya suka menolak digandeng. padahal belom bisa jalan sendiri. 

mama selalu berusaha sesingkat mungkin naroh angie di walker. tapi kalo ditaroh di matras, maunya langsung merangkak ke mana2, padahal kan udah mau winter, lantai dah dingin. nih anak tuh gak bisa diem. kalo meraih kotak mainan, semua mainan dikeluarin satu per satu, sambil dilempar satu per satu dari balik bahunya. maren mama masukin mainan ke kotak, dia juga ikutan masukin mainan satu per satu ke kotak. hihihi.. nak .. kalo kamu udah bisa meringkas mainan sendiri, mama mah udah bisa nyantai ..

kalo udah rebutan sesuatu dengan crystal, dia gusar, bawaannya langsung narikin lengan crystal, mau gigitin. jadi mama ngajarin crystal, buat hati2 dan waspada, jangan sampai digigitin angie. untung crystal cukup gesit untuk satu hal ini. hehehee.. dan untung pakai bajunya dah mulai tebal. 

haduh, jagain angie tuh jauh lebih capek daripada jagain cyrstal di usia yang sama. angie tuh gak pernah bisa diem sejenak. gak bisa diajak main sambil misal duduk di tempat tidur. dia langsung merangkak turun. ditaroh di matras, dia langsung merangkak ke lantai yang dingin. ditaroh di sepeda roda tiga, kakinya langsung mau turun juga, padahal belom isa jalan. diajak naik semacam mobil2an, cuman bertahan gak sampai 1 menit. kadang dia jalan ke mobil2an ini, baru juga naroh pantatnya, eh, dia dah mau turun lagi. diajak duduk di kursi goyang, juga idem,belom semenit langsung meronta minta turun. kalo makan di meja pakai kursi bayi, dia langsung mau manjat ke atas meja makan. atau duduk di sandaran tangannya bergiliran yang kiri dan yang kanan, atau berdiri di atas kursinya. kalo disuruh duduk, dia duduk, tapi cuman 5 detik. habis itu, manjat lagi. weleh! 

kalo didudukin di sofa, langsung manjat ke tempat telpon, gayanya sambil nelpon2. terus manjat ke lemari sepatu dan geratakin semua barang di situ. ini nih .. foto si unyeng-unyeng-dua yang gak bisa diem. huehehehe! 

kalo ditaroh di baby walker, dia langsung ngintilin maknya, narik2 piyama maknya, minta gendong. 

kalo sama oma, pas oma lagi sendirian di rumah, mau pup, kudu biarin pintu kamar mandi terbuka. terus angie bersama baby walkernya masuk ke kamar mandi. narik2in celana oma sambil merengek2. kata oma, "mau pup pun gak tenang." huehehehee...!