Friday, May 15, 2009


Angie is 1 year 5.5months. 

last nite i was riding the hand-drive-bike with Angie.
Angie said, "niao-niao!" (means: pee) 
i said, "go to potty then!" 
she went and sit on the potty. i gave her a wipe; she wiped her own butt when finished. 

good job, girl!!! 
and as usual mom never forgets the applause. 
grandma also gave her a compliment.

mama is sooooo happy!  

indeed grandma said, for these 2 or 3 days, she almost always goes and sits on the potty by herself. 

now, i'm telling her to also have her poopie on the potty... think it's gonna need some more time. next step: teach her to strip down her pants for pee.


zee said...

wah pinternya angie...
udah tahu sendiri ya..
klo aku skrg lg ngajarin vaya potty, tp krn dia jg blm bisa jalan ya msh didudukin aja dulu utk latihan2 biar biasa.

Sarie said...

Aihhh! Angie pinter na....
"plok plok....*te ikut kasih aplaus nih! jago deh baru 1,5 thn dah bisa pee ck ck...

good girl:)