Friday, September 12, 2008

when we're old

Crystal was playing with Smarty on our bed.

Crystal : when we are old, i become old lady, and you become grandpa.
Smarty: grandma .. grandma .. !
Crystal : grandpa .. grandpa .. !
Smarty: grandma.. grandma .. !
Crystal : grandpa.. grandpa .. !
(*they were calling each other with loud voice*)
Grandpa: (*coming from the kitchen*) yes.. why calling me?
Crystal's daddy: they are not calling you. they are playing 'when they are old'.
G'pa & G'ma: *laugh amusedly*

another time, Smarty put on my husband work's id.
Smarty : i'm uncle, i'm 2nd uncle...
Crystal : 2nd uncle .. 2nd uncle (*calling Smarty*)

last nite, Crystal wore my watch and said, "i'm 2nd auntie... i am 2nd auntie."

here was small conversation with Crystal before bed time:
Crystal: i've brushed my teeth. owl won't peck my teeth. Owl is afraid of toothpaste smell.
Mom : yes, it's afraid of it.
Crystal: why is owl afraid of toothpaste smell?
Mom : because when it smells it, it will faint.
Crystal: (*giggle*)


Anonymous said...

emang owl pingsan yah klo bau pasta gigi? pasti dulu ga pernah mau disuruh gosok gigi sama mama owl tuhh... hihihi...

Ninis said...

Hahaha.. Crystal emang lucuuuuuuu banget!!