Monday, September 01, 2008

Crystal is 3yr 2mo

14.5kg ....... 97cm

Mom : Crystal, you said you're gonna sleep with grandma tonite.
Crys : I'd rather sleep with mama tonite.
Mom : Didn't you say one nite with mama, one nite with grandma? last nite you slept with mama. then tonite it's grandma's turn, rite?
Crys : we change to 2 nites with mama and 2 nites with grandma. ok?
Mom : Okey .. then 2 nites with mama, means tomorrow nite you'll sleep with grandma. deal?
Crys : deal
G'pa : So, it's 2 nites with mom, 2 nites with grandma. tomoro nite don't say, 3 nites with mama, and 3 nites with grandma. it's better each one nite, much easier to remember, rite?
Crys : (*smile and no comment*)

there's owl picture on Crystal's book. dont know why, she doesnt like owl. she used to say, "owl ..heehhh.. very scary..very scary ...". she used trembling voice to say it and covered her face.

sometimes Crystal is lazy to brush teeth at nite. and most of the time i don't have much energy left to deal with her refusing to brush teeth. so sometimes i need to scare her this way: "you have eaten some marshmellow just now. if you dont brush your teeth, owl will come and peck on your teeth." this works at least for now. logical explanation about teeth will not work at this moment.

some other time, she refuses to cover her feet with blanket, while these days the weather turns cooler. logical explanation also doesnt work here. like, if your feet are not covered, you might catch a cold or bla..bla..bla... so sometimes i have to scare her like this, "if you dont want to cover your feet, let mosquito bite you. mama won't care" or "let owl come and peck your feet." okey.. this works.

on Saturday we lunched at a restaurant for Smarty's 4th bday.
after returning home, Crystal prentended calling the waitress.
"hello, Auntie. we got home already. we took taxi.
now i'm playing with mom and Angie on the bed.
Daddy is sleeping in the middle room.
i hang up the phone now. ok?"

often i think she is too dependent on me.
i always try to let her do things by herself. for example: pee, wearing pants, eating.
but often, if i am around, she will ask me to feed her, or to do something for her.
if i take her out with Angie, when seeing her classmate, she refuses to play with her. while the kid of our neighbor was pulling Crys' arm, asking her to play together. i always try to encourage her to play with other kids, but Crystal prefers to hang around with me.

maybe i should control myself not to be too playful with kids, which are too hard to resist. i always enjoy playing with kids.

another thing, if we go down stairs, Crystal only wants her mom to hold her hand, not other people. so i have to go down stairs with Angie in my arms and holding Crystal's hand at the same time. i dont want to risk her falling on the stairs. but if we go to the park, i try as much not to hold her hand, just walk beside her to make sure she is safe. if she wants me to hold her hand, instead, i encourage her to walk by herself, sometimes touch her head or back to let her know i'm still beside her (though she knows i am beside her). usually it works this way.

one nite before bed time, grandma let Crytal have yoghurt.
mom: if you have yoghurt now, then later on you will not have milk. ok?
Crys : hmmm... i dont want yoghurt. i want milk.
mom: ok .. ok .. you have the yoghurt, later on i let you drink your milk
(i thought she might forget later on).
mom: Crystal, let's brush teeth.
Crys: (*was playing*) didn't you say you will let me drink milk? you lie to me. (*still playing*)
mom: oh.. mama really forgot it, i'm sorry my dear. (*her daddy blinked at me. we couldn't help smiling behind her*)
so i prepared about 80cc milk for her.


Caroline Sutrisno said...

crystal pengen menikmati waktu bersama momi. mumpung ada momi jadi bisa kolokan. hehehe.

pinter yah crystal, jadi ga mempan deh diboongin. bhuahahaha...

Ninis said...

My comments :
1. Better sleeping with Mama, right Crystal?! :)

2. Owl is really scary! Even the voice! You are right, Crystal! haha

3 & 4. True, it works in this way! Weird, but it's true :D

5. Hihihihi... kinda career woman with the client on the phone, huh?! :))

6. That's definitely ok playing with her all the time. Let her depending on you, cause she will want to be alone when she turns to 18! Enjoy your time with Crystal :)

7. Good training ;)

8. Great Crystal! You really show that Mama is No.1! :)