Thursday, September 11, 2008

Are you drinking the right tea?

People who use their 'brain' to work or students who study hard day and night
--- should drink chrysanthemum tea.

People who need a lot of body energy to work or those people that do a lot of exercise everyday
People with high cholesterol and high blood pressure
Carnivore (those people who must eat meat) at least once a day, or feel sick or not feeling well
--- should drink Wu Loong Tea.

People who travel on a bike or work in dirty and polluted places
People who likes to sit down all day long and not doing anything even exercising
People who smoke and drink a lot of alcoholic drinks
People with high cholesterol and high blood pressure
--- should drink Green Tea.

People who go to the washroom too often or too less
--- should drink more Honey Tea.

Those who work with computers everyday --- need to drink a lot of tea (any tea will do). Whenever you are working with the computer, you should make some tea; drink it when you are free. Drinking tea is healthy --- it can protect and prevent the harmful ultraviolet light from harming us (when using computer). Furthermore, it can also cure us when we are tired and help making our body feel fresh again.

source: unknown, from forwarded email

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Caroline Sutrisno said...

thanks for sharing yah, yen...

mia said...

bos gw juga tuh senengnya minum teh, dari teh ijo sampe teh yang ada chamomile nye, dan dia ngajarin gw utk belajar minum teh kaya blio...masalahnya teh beginian khan mahal bok, gw aja minum teh sariwangi aja jarang2 wong gw susah Poop kalo minum teh.
Btw tetep thanks infonya

Ninis said...

Tea is the best!!

Kalo anak2 pilek demam juga pasti sering2 aku kasih minum teh anget :)
Entah sugesti atau memang bagus, cepet juga tuh pulihnya :)
Thanks for sharing..

e v i said...

lulus dah jadi pr-nya "drink tea association"