Friday, September 12, 2008

sweet naughty Angie

these few days, early in the morning, Angie often crawls to me, and with her head and part of her back sleeps on my belly. or she will sleep with her head on my shoulder. so adorable!

when wakes up sometimes she will also put her head on my shoulder and look into my eyes for few seconds and smile. oh.. my dear .. love you so much!

only few seconds, then she will use her 2 hands pulling my hair.
and once she sees her daddy sleeping, she will crawl to him, pulling her daddy's hair.

when nursing, with her full-mouth nursing on me, she will stand up-squat-standup again-squat again, with one hand pulling my hair (*still having a full-mouth nursing on me*).

naughty baby! =)

ini si Qiqi lagi lucu-lucunya banget!

hari ini tante Angie ultah.
selamat ultah yah, Joi!
panjang umur dan sehat selalu.
makin makmur dan penuh berkatNya selalu.


Anonymous said...

angie... kok bisa pake posisi begitu sih?
ada2 ajah... :)

Ninis said...

Hehehe.. godain Mama aja deh, Angie :D

Met ultah tantenya Angie :)