Monday, September 08, 2008

national anthem

Crystal these days, after the olympic games, likes to sing Chinese national anthem.
she also likes to ask me sing Indonesia Raya. she said, it's a very long song.
and when i sang the chinese national anthem (i taught her before), she said, "you shouldn't sing it. you should sing indonesia's national anthem."
when we asked her, "will you switch to indonesia nationality?" she said, "No, i'm Chinese. even if i go to indonesia, i'm still Chinese."
in the morning, especially on weekends, if her daddy hasn't waken up, she would say, "big lazy worm. you see, the sun has shone on your butt already."

yesterday we took her to have seafood pizza. she seemed to like it very much. actually it was her mom that wanted to have pizza.
when came out from pizza-hut, she said, "mama, next time i want to buy that toy car." i said, "you want to buy it? where's your money?" she thought a while and said, "i don't have money. you earn money and buy for me."

the kindergarten class began on 1st Sep. she would eat by herself now. on her first day her teacher said, "everything is so great. only she seems not to want to have lunch."

last wednesday, i fed her a bowl of porridge, later on after i went to work, her grandma fed her an egg, with some more porridge. before having porridge she had already had a slice of cake. then in school, on around 9.30am, she had another cup of mung-been (bubur kacang ijo). no wonder she didn't want to lunch by 11.30am. she said, "i ate so much that my belly is so big like a watermelon."

on Sunday noon, Smarty beat Crystal. Then she scratched Smarty's face.
the other day, when she had a fight with Smarty, she bit him. oh dear!
i had to explain and remind her so many times do not scratch or bite Smarty. i said, whenever Smarty wants to beat you, you just run away. she did when she was smaller. now she isnt afraid of Smarty at all. if he beats him, she will fight with him (in girlie way).


Anonymous said...

lucu banget crystal. ceriwis banget dan komentarnya lucu2. hihihi...

suka berantem sama smarty yah? tapi klo dipisah pasti bentar aja ud kangen2an tuh... kids..

btw, how's smarty? semoga ud tambah bae deh..

mom4kids said...

iya bener si Crystal ini lucu banget ya , ada aja ngomongnya ..
Kuat juga yah maemnya :) , bagus tuh :)

Ninis said...

Kalo soal minta mainan, sama persis kayak Florian hehehe..
Bilang gak punya duit, mama/papanya yang di"paksa" :D

Maemnya banyak bangettttttt :)

veny said...

anak lo lucu2 yah .. ceriwis he22
poto g ga pajang di blog .. ga narsis lah ha222
ntar de satu waktu g bikin slide aja kali ye .. he22

dah perna mkn di rumah kebun ?
Tangga reyot di Lisung g ga poto , gmn mau poto naeknya aja dah repot , ntar g kejeblos . ha22