Monday, April 27, 2009

crossing the river

click the picture to get the game link 

to move all people into the other side of the river 

1. max 2 person per trip on the raft
2. dad can't stay with daughter if mom is not present
3. mom can't stay with son if dad is not present 
4. jailwoman can't stay with any family member without the raft driver presents
5. only the adults can drive the raft

click on the person to move them onto the raft.
click the 'red dot' to drive the raft. 

answer in the "comment" .. 
NO-PEEPING please.
try before you peep. :-)


yendoel said...

so far i know 2 answer options.

1.rafter + prisoner
2.rafter (return)
3.rafter + boy1
4.rafter + prisoner (return) + boy 2 (return) + mom (return)
9.rafter + jail woman (return) + mom (return) + girl1
14.rafter + prisoner (return)
15.rafter + girl2
16.rafter (return)
17.rafter + prisoner

the other solution: switch dad with mom and switch boy with girl.

Y3nn1 said...

Dulu pernah ngerjain ini tapi stuck ampe setengah. Diajarin hubby baru deh selesai semua, huahahaha...... Bego yah gw.