Friday, March 27, 2009

call 110

Not too many years ago, people had to find the right phone number in an emergency; such as the fire department, police, ambulance, etc. Finding a number for any of these emergency workers could be very confusing - especially if a person was in a hurry or in an unfamiliar area.Today, in the US, it's as simple as dialing 911, an emergency operator, called a dispatcher, immediately connects you to the person you need.
Other countries may use another three numbers. In Great Britain, for instance, it's 999.

while in china the universal emergency number is 110. this number was started to be used on 10 January 1986. 
now the china government is developing contact 110 via sms. because in some emergency case, the victim might be hiding from the criminal and not be able to speak. 

below was a case that ever happened: 
one day a lil girl, who was only in the first grade, just got home from school. she found out both her parents were fainted on the floor due to gas leakage from the stove. since this lil girl was well informed previously for emergency case, she didn't turn on any lamp (which could ignite fire). she immediately opened all the windows and doors and called 110. so the ambulance came for helps. her parents were saved. 

last nite Crystal told me that her kindergarten had an earthquake-escape simulation yesterday morning. 

i believe it's very important that we teach our kids (base on their age level) what to do in case of emergency or how to protect themselves, such as not opening doors to strangers, gas leakage, fire, earthquake, separated from adults during outings activity, kidnapping, etc. 

轻轻松松学防范    简简单单保平安

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