Friday, February 27, 2009

Story Telling: The Fox and The Crow

everybody must have known the story: The Fox and The Crow (click here for the flash version)

Crystal also does. 

however, here is modified version by Crystal
Since the crow has been cheated by the fox, 
she gets smarter.
After the fox praised the crow to have beautiful voice and asked her to sing for him,
the crow would still sing, however .. 
she sang by biting the meat.
(*then Crystal would sing as if she were singing with her teeth biting a piece of meat*)

And here is mom’s version.
Since the crow has got smarter, 
the fox can’t cheat her anymore.
Instead, the fox would beg her, like this: 
"My dear nice lady crow,
I’ve not been eating anything for several days.
Look at my belly .. it is soooo flat.
When you’ve had enough meat for yourself.. 
please help me get some more meat."
And the nice crow agrees to help the fox.
She brings another piece of meat and throws it to the fox. 
The fox thanks the crow for saving him from hunger.
Since that, they’ve become friends.

picture source: virtual hindi


Anonymous said...

hyahahaha... geli banget ngebayangin aktingnya crystal nyanyi sambil pura2 gigit daging...
ga mo rugi ya dia? namanya anak2. hihihi...

Michael, Ryan , Emily's Mommy said...

Crystal pintar... dan Mommy lebih pintar lagi.. hehehehe

Ninis said...

Iya, kagum deh ama Crystal & mamanya :-)