Monday, March 16, 2009

Fine Sunday, conversation with nephew

Smarty just came back from the village, visiting my mom-in-law’s mother.
He looked so sleepy, but he didn’t want to take a nap. His mom and dad already slept.
He was angry bcoz his mom bought 3 toy-cars, and gave one to his cousin.

Smarty: I want to buy a lot of toys!

auntie yenni: huh? where does your money come from?

Smarty: my mom and daddy’s money, use them all for buying toys!  

auntie: well, if your mom and daddy’s money are used up to buy toys, they can’t buy milk, food, cloth or shoes for you. Later on if you're hungry, you can eat one of your Ultraman’s leg. Or you can eat your toy-car. Here, your ultraman... you can eat one of its leg now.  c'mon, eat it ..! 

Smarty: (*wanted to laugh*) I will buy food by myself.

Auntie: do you have money? Aaah… you don’t have money! how can you buy food?

Smarty: I will work and earn money by myself.

Auntie: ah, work? earn money? Can you write? Can you type on the computer?

Smarty: (*looks hesitating .. pondering…*)

Auntie: if you cant write, nobody will hire you. Oh..hoho.. .. i have a good idea! you can sell vegetable or fruit on the street, or sell stinky-tofu. then you can earn money. 

Smarty: I won’t sell !

Auntie: I think you should study well so you will be able to write. Otherwise nobody will hire you.

Smarty: (*thinking*)

Auntie: your dad and mom cant use all the money to buy toys. They need to buy milk, cloth, food for you. Your feet will grow bigger and bigger, so you will need also new bigger shoes. So do you think your mom should still use all the money to buy toys? If you think so, then later when you're hungry, you should eat your toys. 'Coz your mom's money are already used up for buying toys. 

Smarty: I'll eat poop.

Auntie: oh..ho ! you want to eat poop? Okay. Tonite, when you poop, I will get a bowl to fill it up with your poop. So you can eat it for dinner.

Smarty: (*wanted to laugh*) I don’t want.

Auntie: do you want me or grandpa to take you to nap now?

Smarty: I don’t want to sleep with grandpa. I want to sleep with wai-gong (*grandpa from his mom’s side*).

Auntie: well, I'll call a cab for you. I'll give the money to the driver to let him drive to wai-gong’s house.

Smarty:  I don’t want.

Auntie: oh you don’t want to go by cab. You can go buy 119 bus. I give you one yuan and take you to the bus stop. Do you know where to get down?

Smarty: I don’t want to sleep with wai-gong.

Auntie: but I heard you just said you wanted to sleep with your wai-gong.

Smarty: I don’t want.

Angie woke up … the conversation ended. 


yossy hamdan said...

Persis banget ma adekku, yg bisa pules tidur ber2 (with her hubby) sementara anak2 (2gals) klinteran gak keruan, disiang bolong pulak, pis sis!.. Kalo aku gk bisa tuh, tidur pules, sementara anak2 yg balita gak tidur, ada juga sementara anak2 tidur emaknya asyik nonton TV yg kalo anak2 ud bangun gak bisa konsen nonton... hehehe

Michael, Ryan , Emily's Mommy said...

waduhh..poop di mangkok ..nggak kebayang deh ;)..sorry nulis comment singkat..sebelum pergi tidur nih udah jam 2 malam

Ninis said...

Untung Smarty punya Auntie baik hati, ngajakin ngobrol dikala nggak bisa bobo hehehe..
Coba kalo gak ada yang diajak ngobrol, bisa eksperimen macem2 kali ya biar nggak boring hehehe..