Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Angie is 16 months

- still loves to pull someone's hair, especially during sleep 
- still loves to sit on the potty (with diaper on). sometimes brings the potty anywhere  
- mimics her cousin pees (the way a boy pee)
- loves to take off her shoes, almost 100 times a day!!! finally mama found her sis' shoes which can be tied. okey, the problem is solved!   
- loves to use a stool to climb onto the couch, or to reach something higher. 
- can climb the couch even without stool 
-      can mope (*ngambek*) by standing and facing the wall. if we come to her, she will move to other corner, and face the wall again. or she will enter our bedroom and close the door (mimic what her big sis often does). or sometimes she throws things on  her hand to the floor. 
-   during dining time, if she was unhappy, she used to hit mom with a spoon or with her plastic bowl (*halah!!!*) 
more well-trained in using spoon. wants to use chopsticks
- could eat bit by bit by herself; including have yoghurt with a small spoon
- can sing parts of the melody from "are you sleeping brother John" (not the lyrics). 
- loves to get a broom and dirt-carrier (*pengki*)  and plays sweeping floor 
- not stingy (so far).. loves to share her food, snack or drink
- when it's drinking or milk time, loves to deliver her sis and cousin's drink to them
- once she hears her sis wants to watch kid programs in our middle room, she will immediately bring stools back-and-forth, for her sis, cousin, and herself 
- one day her grandpa beat her hand because she pulled the leaves of grandpa's plant.  she came to mom and said, "Mama... grandpa beat." whether she meant, "mama, grandpa beat me." or "mama, beat grandpa. (*bcoz he beat me*)" ? 
- loves to switch off the extension cable
- sometimes still tries to explore the trash bin. but not as often as in the past
- it's very easy to bring her into laugh 
points out our wedding picture as "daddy, autie". even for hundred times i told her it's "mama". 
- can tell if she poops or when sometimes wants to poop. hope this will make the
 potty training easier this summer. 

words that she speaks 
feb   "bao jiao" (when her grandpa/ma make dumpling) 
23-feb yu = fish 
24-feb bu-yao-bao = dont want to be carried up
26-feb ayi = autie 
3-Mar de-de = big brother; jie-jie = big sis (she could say this one or two months ago) 
5-Mar when we ask "who is yenni?" pointed mom, said "ni"  (you or yenni?) 
5-Mar xie-xie nai nai =  thank you, grandma
7-Mar xi-jiao = washing feet 
8-Mar jiao-zi = dumpling
8-Mar hai-yao = want more 
14-Mar jiao-dai = solotape 
15-Mar ju-zi = orange  
17-Mar da-ma-ma = elder autie, tua-em, bude
17-Mar da-bo-bo = elder uncle, tua-pek, pakde  

da = beat, hit 
da = big 
wawa = doll 
hua = flower 
bao = carry
bao-bao = baby 
nai =  milk  
yao = want, medicinie 
diao =  (things) fall down
niu = cow 
dan-dao (should be dan-gao) = cake
ya-dao (should be ya-gao) = tooth paste
ji = chicken
shu-shu = uncle
ji-dan = egg
wu = five
yi = one
er = two 
tai-tai = great grandma
zou = walk
zuo = sit  
zhai zhe = here 
niao-niao = pee
ba-ba = poop 
da-da = open (should be da-kai) 

bagins to know better for left and right.  

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Ninis said...

Angieeee.. dikaw makin lutju sajah, Nak.. muach muach!!