Monday, June 01, 2009

1-June Children's Day

Crystal has recovered! yeeeeiiiihh!!!! 

in China, today is children's day.
bought some cake for Crystal and Angie, also bought 2 books for Crystal (addition and handy-works books). a day before, crystal asked me, "mama, for children's day, please buy me a book of handy-works and a book for studying, and buy a gun-toy for Smarty." 

when's the children day in the country you live in? 


Natazya said...

lucunya hari anak :D disini juga kalo ga salah sih ada... tapi pamornya agak kurang hehehe

senangnya udah sembuh :D moga2 ga sakit2 lagi ya mbak ;)

Desy Noer said...

Happy children's day buat Crystal n Angie. Telat, pa pa ya?

SinceYen said...

Baru tau Crystal empet sakit. Syukurlah, udah sembuh.