Monday, February 09, 2009


chinese likes to play mahjong, especially during CNY (Chinese New Year).  it's a very easy game, just like playing cards (kartu remi). of course with some calculation and observation of all the dealings on the table, and it needs some luck to win. 

i got to know mahjong in 2004. up til now, i didnt play more than 10 times. 

just this CNY, my husband played mahjong. and lost (not much) about 22 yuan. then i replaced him, won back the 22 yuan and another 50 yuan. we played in small sum. 

however, i withdrawed myself, because i played with my mother-in-law, my husband's uncle and my sis-in-law.  i didnt want to win more money from them. haahaha... =) 

3 years ago, similar situation happened (aslo during CNY). i replaced my husband, and won some amount of money. later on, we gave back the money for my husband's uncle for taxi fee. hahahaha!

it's just gambling, once you played, you could be addicted! even some wife, husband, father or mother is so addicted to the game that has ruined their family life.  

if in bridge cards, there are diamond, spade, clove, heart; 
in mahjong there are: 
bamboo (strip)

stones (circle)


dragon, winds, flowers, seasons. (in some region, these tiles are not used during the game). 

just combine 3 cards (mahjong tile) as a group. 
for example: 
a group can be 3  consecutive numbers such as: 2-3-4 ...  4-5-7 ... 6-7-8 
or a group can be 3 or 4 same numbers: 3-3-3 or 3-3-3-3 
or 7 pairs of 2-2, 3-3, 4-4 etc. 
and some other simple and easy procedure. 

all pictures were copied from wikipedia. 

9 comments: said...

gongxi fat choy...........

boleh knalan ....

Veny said...

Yen g ampe skrg ga ngerti maen Mahyong , pdhl suka liat di pelem2 HK . hi hi22
menurut lo gampang yah , kae maen kartu ?
ntar g baca2 pencerahan yg lo udah kasih dgn lengkap ada gmbr2 nya , thx yah !

Since-Yen said...

Jadi mirip rummikub gitu?

Ninis said...

Di komputer, aku selalu maen Kyodai.. hihihi.. addicted banget bo! :D
*itu bagian dari Mahjong bukan ya?!*

yendoel said...

kyodai dan rummikub itu apa yah?
beneran gak susah, tinggal pas cabut kartu terus dpt kartu yg ditunggu, jadi deh. tapi harus perhatiin lawan main juga, kayak gaple gitu deh. lawan main ngeluarin apa, terus tebak2 yang ditunggu apa. kalo yg ditunggu pas yg kita 'buang', kan lawan main yang 'jadi'.

yossy hamdan said...

ada yg baek banget, ngalah sama ipar n mertua.. baguslah, kalo enggak anak2 gak dijagain lho.. hahaha

debbie said...

kalo soal kartu, mau maen jenis apapun...buta deh...nyerah....

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