Thursday, December 25, 2008

tight socks rubber

Sometimes socks that we buy are having too tight rubber, which are uncomfortable to wear.  
This is how to deal with it: 
1. Measure your leg/ankle circumference, according to the socks length, e.g. 20 cm  
2. Cut a thick carton paper with size 20 cm x 5 cm
3. Fold it to become 10cm x 5cm  
4. Wet the rubber part of the socks (with water) 
5. Insert the carton into the socks at the rubber part  
6. Iron it 'til dry  
7. Repeat step 4-6 for twice or three times


Ninis said...

Thanks tipsnya, Ci Yenni :)

mercuryfalling said...

aku td barusan dapat kaos 2 lusin dari suami wkekekkek bisa nih tipsnya dicoba.

thank u yo