Wednesday, December 24, 2008

start to work in Fei Dong for 1 year

today officially lin will start to work for 1 year in Fei Dong District.
Hefei City is in the middle between Fei Xi District (West Fei) and Fei Dong District (East Fei).
it's about 2 hours from home .. means he can go home during weekend.

it's a kind of job training, or job rolling. i'm not sure.
he will work as a zhu-ren 主任. if translated into English, may be a kind of supervisor or director. dunno .. blur!

hope it will be a good experience for his career in the future.


Michael, Ryan , Emily's Mommy said...

Is this about Crystal's daddy?
anyway..good luck .
semoga sukses ya di career dan dikehidupan.

yossy hamdan said...

Good luck ya, trus se keluarga pindah gak? Hp wiken!

Ninis said...

Good luck & hope will raise your career :)