Tuesday, December 30, 2008

lil penguin is 13 mo

Angie is now in the phase of “eat a lot, eat everything”During every meal, she can eat 1 bowl of porridge PLUS hal (even one) of a Chinese steamed bun. After that she still wants to eat. we don’t feed her more ... worry she might have too much and cannot digest it. 

Not long after meal time, she will ask for biscuit, fruit, or any kind of snack. Even she will pick up some snack packaging in our living room trash bin (!) searching for food! if her sis or cousin-bro drink some milk, Angie will also want to drink some .. or pick up the empty milk-pack from the trash bin. 

Oh my dear .. why you are so hungry all the time? Lol …  The funny thing is .. whenever she hears somebody tearing some snack packaging or opening a snack container, she will quickly come and ask for some .. impatiently (!) Sooo adorable…!

still doesnt speak many words, but now can also call new words like yeye(grandpa), nainai (grandma), ya (duck), er (ear), yi (one), er (two)

love to bring shoes to anybody who just come home.

if somebody says, "it's meal time" .. she will come and try to pull her own chair. she is more willing to sit on the meal-chair until finishing her meal. and eat from a spoon (as usual, impatiently). there was once, mommy called Crystal and Smarty to have some cake, but forgot to call Angie (though had prepared for her also), she stopped playing and also came hurrily.  

open all drawers, cabinets .. that she can. and get some thing out from it.

love to 'draw' with her sister's color pencils and 'read' her sis' books.

get jealous if mommy carry up her sis. she will come and 'beat' her sis. 

if mommy goes to toilet, she will cry loud at the toilet door until mommy is done. fyuuuhhh! 

she will be busy to want to pick up ringing phone

never bite people anymore. 

with 7th and 8th teeth came out.  

sometimes if other people sneeze, she said, "aaa chi"

pretend sitting on the potty and pee. after that, get a piece of cloth and wipe her own butt (with diaper on) 

there was once, after her sis pee on the potty, Angie brought the potty to toilet. (mimic what the adults always do). ok .. she messedup ... the potty dropped to the floor. she got a piece of cloth and tried to wipe the pee on the floor. oh dear ! 


Michael, Ryan , Emily's Mommy said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR , wah kalau nunggu sebulan si Angie bisa pas tahun baru ya Ultahnya..
I hope you like the picture that I put on.

Ninis said...

Ikut seneng baca selera makan Angie yang sangat2 besar :)
Dia kan lagi lincah2nya, makanya butuh banyak asupan makanan ya..
Kalo Jessica lagi agak menurun nih selera makannya.. mudah2an sih gak keterusan, bisa kurus kayak Florian deh ntar :(

mercuryfalling said...

ah..umur2x segini lagi lucu2xnya. kalo tiap tamu datang dia ngasi sepatu, kalo ponakanku pas tamu pulang :D