Sunday, December 21, 2008

7th and 8th teeth

finally the 7th and 8th came out. 
the canine teeth (cuspid) seemed to grow since last month .. but not come out 'til now.
she was cranky last nite, woke up so many times during sleep .. i thought bcoz of her teething stage. 

At what age will my baby start teething?Most babies begin to teethe when they are 4-6 months old, but there is no "right" answer. Babies begin to teethe when they are as young as two months and others as old as a year. If you have specific concerns, ask your pediatrician or pedodontist.How long does teething last?It may take your baby up to 3 weeks to cut a single tooth. Once the process begins, it will continue until all 20 baby teeth have come in, usually by the age of 3 years, although every baby is different.What can I expect when my baby is teething?
Crankiness and irritability.
Excess drooling or crying.
Waking up at night or difficulty sleeping.
Babies may also gnaw on objects or rub their gums.


Anonymous said...

ampun, rajin banget yah dirimyu... salut!

Ninis said...

Salut juga :)

yossy hamdan said...

heeh salut juga... *ngekor ajahhhh*