Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Crystal is 3.5 yrs old

on sunday we walked with our girls to Carrefour. on the way near to her kindergarten, surprisingly, Crystal asked, "mama, have you locked our back door?" (*balcony door*)
my dear girl, mama never thought you would ask such question. 

last month there was a theft who climbed to our balcony. on that nite, my parents-in-law slept in the balcony bedroom and didnt lock the outer door, only locked the glass door. my FIL  found out that 2 pots of his plant were moved.  

just last nite, Smarty learnt to write 8. Crystal said she wanted to learn too. while she was practicing to write, mama washed Angie and prepared her milk before bed time.  

not like several months ago, lately if Angie annoyed her, Crystal never pushed Angie away. if she gets angry with Angie, she sometimes hit Angie with her hands, but only hits Angie slowly on her cloth. 

whenever seeing Angie tries to insert her finger into electric plug, she will remind her lil sister and scream, "do not insert your finger in it. there's electricity in it." 

whenever seeing Angie plays with small thing, she will take it away and say, "dont play with this. if you eat it,  you will choke on it." 

if she shares some cake or snack with Angie, she will chip a bit (into smaller slice) and give to Angie. 

still likes to cry out loud or yell when gets angry or disagrees on something. but okey .. the frequency is less than before. and when she gets angry she will say things like this: 
- i will throw mommy away, throw daddy away, throw everybody away
- i throw all your cloth from the window. 
- when i grow up, i will not buy a computer for you. i will buy only for myself (if she is angry that we stop her from playing with the computer) 
- i will not eat all grandpa's cook 
- you are stinky mommy .. stinky grandma, stinky brother (Smarty), stinky Angie, etc. 
- or sometimes when angry, she locks herself in our room 

likes to sing, dance, draw, write, read book, learn english vocabulary.

the other time she asked, what's her nickname in English. after telling her, she said, "Crystal love(s) mommy."  

last nite on bed, Crystal said, "Mama, deep inside, my heart is crying. i miss daddy." 

often fights with Smarty. and usually end-up with Crystal crying. Smarty likes to kick her. so we have to always be aware once both of them start an argument. but they can play and laugh together again in the next minute after the fight. 

this is the first video (ever) posted in this blog. (with Angie as the backing vocal, wanted to play with the digital camera)


Michael, Ryan , Emily's Mommy said...

Itu enaknya punya anak perempuan , bisa jadi sahabat ya Yen, Crystal pintar sekali untuk anak umur 3,5 tahun, kata katanya sudah lebih dewasa dari umurnya.
Ya ntar kalau trow clothes away.. tante yang pungutin deh. bawa pulang hehehe.
I havent see the video when I fill this comment box.. jadi aku lihat dulu deh ya :)

baby boris said...

mbak Yenny, i was wondering do the girls call themselves with names, like crystal and angie? Or with the chinese names? pulang dong bawa anak2, biar kenal ma indonesia...

Ninis said...

Wow Crystal! *two thumbs*
Iya bener kata Mbak Holly, Crystal keliatan jauh lebih dewasa dari umurnya.. apa rata2 anak sulung begitu ya?! Hmmm.. bisa jadi kayaknya, karena secara insting mereka kudu menjaga adiknya :)

Bener2 kagum liat Crystal maem sendiri! Florian aja masih sering kusuapin hehe..

elly.s said...

lucu baget...
pasti ntar jadi anak pinter kebanggaan mama papa...
salam sayang ya

F. Sestri Rahardjo said...

Tante minta dong Cryst, pasti enak nih. Makannya samapi habis pintar.

Juzmeh said...

you got an adorable kids! Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

hihihi kalo marah, galak bener ya. tapi lucu marahnya