Thursday, January 08, 2009

emang suka bikin terharu

having daughter like Crystal, often makes me feel so touched. sometimes during bed time, she asked, "mama, have you covered yourself with quilt?" or "has Angie been well covered with quilt?" 

about 1.5 years ago, while i was having my second pregnancy, when i bathed her, she said,"Mama, be careful, it's slippery here, just now i poured water on the floor." or the other time while i played with her, suddenly she said, "Mama, lie down here, you are tired and there is baby in your belly." 

last night when we already lied on bed, 
Crys : My good mama, you are beautiful. (*touching mom's face*)
Mom: (*smile, feel so touched*) Nooo... mama is ugly.
Crys : mmm... nooo... you are beautiful!

maybe all kids are like that, in their eyes, their own moms are beautiful. (even i'm not in the category of the beauty)


MamaNamaste said...

What a sweet angel! She is so thoughtful and caring! You are a great mommy!

Ninis said...

She's really your angel!!!

Aku juga suka dipuji anak2, meskipun gak masuk kategori cantik hehehe.. Kalo bukan suami, anak dan orangtua, siapa lagi yang muji kita?! Hihihi..

debbie said...

buat anak2, sosok ibu adalah yang paling cantik n paling baek sedunia....hehehehe.....

CichaMamaShaina said...

iiihh baru baca dan bener2 terharuuuuuuuuu... *sumpah mataku berkaca2*

Crystal.. you're so swweeeeeeett.. Yenny, you're very lucky to have a warm-hearted & thoughtful daughter. Muah2 for crystal!!!