Wednesday, January 14, 2009

enjoying privilege

i was buying a ready-packed soya-milk this morning. another buyer said to the seller, "Hey, i was before her." 

i was in an extreme hurry and didn't pay attention to 'who come first'.  

my 108 bus was already in the shelter which was 20 meters ahead. once i got the soya milk, i ran with high speed (without having breakfast) to catch the bus.   

*i'm so sorry to the complaint-lady*

not bcoz i didn't want to queue. indeed there was (and there is) no queue line everyday. the seller has no time to observe who come first who come last. she's just too busy, selling several items: porridge, soya milk, yoghurt, milk, bread, steam bun, shiu mai, etc. when she takes the soya milk out from the box, she will take several at the same time.   

i am a regular customer. every morning i put 1 yuan on her carriage:  "1 cup of soya-milk, no plastic bag please." the lady has known my behavior so well that she could react faster. maybe that was the most reason that i had enjoyed a special privilege. :-)  

there is a supermarket, Joy Mart (He Jia Fu) nearby our apartment.  usually there will be a queue at the cashier. there is another cashier at the cigarette-wine-tea counter: "I only buy 1 item. could i pay here?" i know so well, the answer is "Yes." and never forget a sincere "thank you!"  

not only enjoying .. i'm also generous in giving or asking privilege to others.  
the most simple one that all of us can do is giving our seat on the bus/train to the elder people, pregnant women, people carrying children in arms, disabled people. 
when you see nobody giving seat, while you are also standing, you can politely ask (*with a smile on your face*) : "sorry to disturb, could you please let your seat to this old lady? thank you so much." 

i bet people wouldn't resist you! 
be nice and people will be nice to you too! 
this will make our life beautiful and meaningful.


Y3nn1 said...

Gw sering banget nemuin yang kaya ini. Yang beli ga ada antriannya, jadi penjual melayani seingatnya aja siapa yang duluan datang. Kalo ada order yang sama sekalian aja dilayani biar cepat, biarpun datangnya belakangan.

yossy hamdan said...

Gw juga trmasuk yg suka bete sm kasir kalo layanin yg di blkg gw.. palagi kalo gw lg ngeburu waktu, tp kalo yg nyelak yenni gw kasih dah..

Iya, gw juga waktu ngebis suka prihatin sm anak muda yg gak peka sm orang tua/hamil/bawa anak yg berdiri, sementara gw juga diri, tp blom berani kek elu yen... boleh ditiru ya.. En memang perbuatan baik ada balasannya ya, wakt gw hamil sering diprioritasin dapet duduk.. Alhamdulillah

Anonymous said...

aku juga pernah hihihi di singapore. gak liat2x, maen nyelonong aja.

Ninis said...

Belom pernah terjadi selama aku di Austria, karena emang line nya di swalayan cukup buat 1 kereta dorong, jadi gak bisa nerobos hehehe..

Kalo di Indonesia sering terjadi, terutama di check in counter atau layanan informasi..
Tapi biasanya aku nggak pede komplain, palingan manyun aja hahaha...

Tapi aku setuju, kalo kita senyum dan berusaha berbuat baik, orang lain akan bersikap sama pada kita :)