Saturday, January 03, 2009

our 2009 new year holiday

happy new year to you all !

it’s Chinese tradition to clean the house (and everything) before Chinese lunar new year. we were going nowhere but cleaning our house during 3 days new year holiday. My mom-in-law, hubby and myself cleaned the house with Crystal and Angie playing around.


… stuck on leaving room practiced to write numbers and do simple math, almost all the time! I stopped her but she said she wanted to do her homework. She called it ‘homework’. Well, actually nobody gave her any homework. she now can do math (using her fingers) like 18+5, 16+4, etc. 

On 1-Jan, after lunch, which she didn’t like it so much, she said she wanted to go to KFC. We brought her to KFC just last Sunday. I said, “lunch time was over, KFC was closed after lunch time. Let’s see whether they open during dinner. But mama has to ask first, because it’s new year holiday, probably all the employees are going home for holiday. If they are closed, we’ll go by tomorrow.”

When almost dinner, she said, “you said we would go to KFC for dinner.”

Mama said, “Mama told you that mama had to call KFC office first, to check whether they are open.”

I sms and called my friend, Erica, for a short drama. Hahaa.. sorry my dear! It was just too late, too cold outside and also too tired for all of us to go to KFC. So Crystal talked to the “KFC’s employee”. And agreed we took her to KFC the next day (2-Jan).

At midnight, Crystal sang an English song for mama, “happy birthday to you.. happy birthday to you …”

So on 2-Jan, we took Crystal and Angie to KFC and Pizza Hut for lunch, and bought her a Mickey-Minnie mouse balloon. She was happy! 

The other time, she modified a lyrics of a spring song like this, "butterfly lady doesn't fly and come here because it's winter time. little rabbit jump, jump, jump back home." 


Writing numbers…

when she wrote a “3”, usually it was slanted a bit. So she turned the book a bit during writing, so the 3 wasn’t slanted anymore after she wrote it. but sometimes she could write it well. 

At a beginning, she drew 2 circles for writing an 8. But now she could write the 8 straightly. 

tonite, when she saw Smarty writing a 7, she said, “This is not correct. This way, like this  … you copy it.” (she wrote a 7 and asked Smarty to follow by writing/tracing on it)

After she wrote some pages, she wrote a 100 as scoring for herself.


Angie …

… was buzzing around like a bee .. zzzz…zzzz…zzz… !

played with her sister’s crayon or color pencils, took things out from the kitchen cabinet or toy box, brought to living room, bed room, dining room .. left them all the way .. everywhere. 

Sometimes brought shoes to other people, fell on the floor and couldn’t stand up by herself (because of wearing too much cloth), sit on the potty (with diapers on), wanted to bring the potty to toilet, wanted mama to carry her up, called mama.. mama .. grandma … her nose needed cleaning coz she got slight flu, poop, … wanted to have milk, water or snack, threw or picked things to and from the trash bin .. tried to climb a plastic chair, or turned it upside down and tried to sit on it….

when I returned the things to the cabinet, she would again take it out, bring it and leave it any where. Oooooh hooooo ….!

So .. besides busy cleaning the house, I was also busy with Angie.


Sestri said...

Iya Yen, kalau kamu masih disini pasti tinggal suruhan pembantu. Tetapi well lebih enak di sana ya, tdk semrawut.

Ninis said...

Busy busy.. hehehe...

Ci Yenni ama Crystal ngomongnya pake bahasa Inggris, Cina, Indonesia atau mix?

Since-Yen said...

Yen, met taon baru ya. Telat nih :D
Sehat dan sukses yaaa. Duh video di atas, lirikan Angie tuh...aooo...

finnie said...

happy belated birthday my dear mbak Yenny.. maaf yah telat,, fonbuk-ku kacawww.. sms pancing dong..

mercuryfalling said...

chinese lunar new year kapan, yen ?