Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Angie believed ..

.. that the
folded newspaper
under her feet
could extend
her height.

everytime she
wants to reach
something only
few cm higher,
she will take
the plastic mattress
or anything
she thinks
can help her.
if it's much higher,
she will
get a stool.


lisa said...

logic nya jalan tuh :)

pipit said...

owww.. lucu banget... :) pinter dan lucu... pasti gedenya juga makin pinter yaaaa. :)

TotaLuki said...

pinter yah..jd terharu deh pengen tinggi ngelipet koran..

Abdul Cholik said...

She is smart girl.She tried to get that magazine using her effort-everything.Hope she could be able to get it.