Friday, November 28, 2008

pandan indonesian cuisine 香兰印尼餐厅

found an indonesian restaurant in Guangzhou (!), which according to my boss, it's the only indonesian restaurant in southern china area. (is this true?)

since i never had indonesian food in china (except indonesian fried rice, which i can also cook it by mysel), for me it was very tasty! with some wayang and batik decoration for the interior, the place was nice and quite comfy. the price level is also acceptable.

Open 11:30am-10:00pm

averagely: RMB 58/person .. Rp 75,000/person

some food prices (roughly ) that i could remember:
ayam bakar RMB 30/RMB 48 (half or whole)
udang cah buncis RMB 30
nasi uduk RMB 6
nasi kuning RMB 7
gado-gado RMB 24
kangkung plecing RMB 28
sayur asem RMB 24 (without 'sayur asem' only the taste of the soup)
soto ayam RMB 24
nasi goreng RMB 28

Pandan Indonesian Cuisine
Huanshi East Road No. 475
Dong Du Building Block A 16-19
Yuexiu Area, Guangzhou City
Phone: (+86-20) 8760 5258

about 500m after the Zoo South Door

last nite, i went there with friends from our Hefei office (Sandy, Gary, Huan, Neil and Johnson). Sandy, Gary, Huan and Neil expressed that they liked it a lot. we finished the food within 30-40 minutes. they said they couldnt stop eating! Huan said, "Jenny, you can open an indonesian restaurant in Hefei!"

i wish i had the ability and the money! if i really open an indonesian restaurant one day, maybe it will be mainly as a hobby! ;-P

belom pernah gua makan sekalap ini ..hahahaa...! 

and here are some pictures of food we ordered ..
(all pictures were not taken by myself .. taken from blogs or other websites)


yossy hamdan said...

Yen, disini jg ada model mkn meja kek di Solo tuh, mungkin klo undangan gk banyk msh mungkin ya,kalo yg diundang bisa 1000 mesti nyewa hanggar kali.. hahahaha

Itu harga mknannya klo dirupiahin jg sama dg rata2 hrg disini tuh..

veny said...

Yen ..
wuihh enak nya bisa mkn masakan Indo disono ye ?
itu owner nya org Indo atau org sono ?
Harga resonable juga tuh ! moga2 lo bisa pny resto disana yak ? ntar grand opening g di invite ye ? he222

Ninis said...

Puas yaaa makan2 :)

Siapa tau emang ada nasib buka resto sendiri, Ci :D

Duhhh, aku sempet merasa kehilangan dirimu beberapa hari deh, Ci :D hehehehe..
Biasanya rajin nengokin blog ku :)

Lily said...

Waduhhh akhirnya kesampean juga ya Yen makan2 indo food: sayur asem kangkung...hehe.
Bwt kira2 dari tempatmu keGuangzhou jauh ga Yen??..waktu lalu gw pernah 1day tour dr Hongkong nyebrang naik ferry keGuangzhou ngak nginep sih..

Ian's mom said...

nyam... nyam... kecap2 lidahku liat foto2 masakan indonya...
keliatannya uenakkk

Anonymous said...

harganya reasonable juga yah, yen?
rasanya oke ga yen?

jadi kapan nih dirimyu buka resto indo di sono? :)

btw, linknya mia diganti, yen. (dulu kan angle bukan angel) :)

debbie said...

kek nya enak yah?
rasa okeh ya? harga?
udaaahhh....buka resto aja
pasti laku dah :D

Lisa said...

yuuummm... :) ada es duren gak :P

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