Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hurray ... Qiqi is 1 year old today!

happy bday, my lil dear!

mama feels so bad that couldnt be by your side today! mama is having a 4-day-training in Guangzhou. only can be back by tomorrow evening.

75cm; about 9kg; head circumference: 46.3cm

according to daddy, Qiqi can walk quite far now. on 26th, grandma wrapped-around her belly with a piece of cloth only as security. and let her walk by herself. on 27th, grandma didnt use the cloth anymore. (so eager to see it!)

still loves to pull other people's hair. especially during sleep time!

loves to hold a stick or anything that is long, with mama carrying her, she will hit all decoration lanterns one by one that we hang on the door frame .. with the stick. that will make her laugh happily.

(*the wording on the birthday cake shouldn't be this way! including the pigs color ..*)

can get jealous
if mama carries her big sis. she will move towards mama. even try to push her big sis away.

if she has a cutton-bud on her hand, she will aim it at her ear. if she has a toothpick on her hand, she will bring it to her mouth. of course we will prevent her from doing it. she will try to comb someone's hair if she has comb on her hand. if she has a piece of tissue paper, she will wipe her own mouth or nose.

on the morning of 25th Novgember, she woke up and called, "mama..mama.." when waking up, mama saw her staring at mama's eyes and smiled. oh dear... mommy loves you so much!

loves to pick up the phone and says, "uh...". then climb up the phone cabinet, reaches everything on the shoe cabinet, throws all of the things thru her shoulders.

loves to 'dance'. for slow music, she will move her head left and right. for faster beat, she will move her legs and butts.

likes to point on her own fingers as if she were counting 1..2..3..4..5..

she is good in eating and drink water. milk also! can be very impatient during the beginning of a meal. she will pull our hands impatienly to move the spoon to her mouth. much easier to be fed compare to her big sis! (the same case for feeding medicine)

if she sees anybody eating anything, she will always want a bite too

she is very fond of oranges. she can bite the orange peel, or try to peel with her fingers.

she likes to throw an egg (*plastic*) to the floor and said, "zha..!" (means: squeak). we usually purchase 100-200 eggs at a time. since we cannot keep them all in the refrigerator, my parents-in-laws keep them under the bed in the "balcony" room. okey... Qiqi once crawled to the bed and played with the eggs! at that time mama was busy, daddy was making a phone call and didnt watch her at all. yes.. she broke 2 eggs, and cracked 2 eggs. if we have breakfast, she will do the same with the cooked-egg on the table.

if mama gets home from work, she will start to whine until mama hold her up. in the morning, when mama goes to work, okey .. she is still willing to wave goodbye. mama believes, there will be time in the next few months, she will cry if mama goes to work!

likes to drive a kind of glider / kid cart (*i dont know how to call it. see the picture here*) but as always, she sits and plays with it not more than 1 minute.

could notice all family members outside our apartment building from our 4th floor window.

she will be so busy to climb down from the bed and brings her diaper to the trash bin once we change her diaper. sometimes her daddy give her some orange bill and said, "throw it to the trash bin." she will do it happily.

loves to bring sandals or shoes to all the people.

sometimes likes to try to press the light switch. wants to play with computer mouse.

if on baby walker, likes to explore all the drawers.

can drink with a straw or from a sipping cup early of this month.

bites when angry or fussy. but she seldom does it anymore.

starts to recognize her own left and right foot.

enjoys a lot when i rub a baby-cream on her face or clean her ears.

can take off her own shoes and shocks.

try to press the on-off switch of mama's mobile phone.


Ninis said...

Happy Birthday, Angie..
I wish you all the best!
You're so amazing! And I'm sure you're really happy & lucky as you live between a very lovely & warm family :)

God Blees You Now & Forever, Angie... Happy Happy Birthday!

mom4kids said...

selamat ulang tahun Qiqi , panjang umurnya , sehat selalu , di berkati Dia yg Maha Kasih , dan selalu happy ama keluarga tercinta , amien

bebek said...

hore,....met ulang tahun angie,....cepet gede yah....

veny said...

Happy BIrthday Angie ..
wish you all the best , GOd LOve You always .

lisa said...

happy birthday Qiqi... sehat selalu n sayang keluarga yah :)

Lily said...

Happy b'day qiqi..cepat gede ya sayang...cun dari jauh..

yossy hamdan said...

Selamat ultah ya qiqi, semoga tambah pinter dan nurut sama mama..

Since-Yen said...

Wah.. 'gak kerasa udah setaon berlalu ya. 'met ulang taon buat Qiqi. Semoga sehat selalu dan terus disayang Tuhan.

He-eh belom sempat kutak kutik kata di blog nih, ini, baru mulai sempat singgah ngintip sana sini :D

Kevin Lau said...

wah cepat ya udah setahun.......
happy b'day ya Angie....
cepat gede...dan sehat selalu...

Caroline Sutrisno said...

happy belated bday buat angie... tepatnya tanggal berapa yah, yen? aku cari2 di postingan kok juga ga ada tanggalnya? hehehe...
semoga panjang umur, sehat selalu jadi anak yang takut Tuhan, taat pada orang tua dan menjadi berkat buat lingkungan sekitarnya. amin.

yendoel said...

buat tante2 semua, makasih yah!
buat tante Sientje, iya nih kangen tulisan dan foto2nya.
buat tante carolintje, soalnya ada 2 posting tgl 27. tglnya beda 2 hari yah dari si manis Aubrey!

debbie said...

hadoooohhhh....lil angie ultah.....
OMG...maap ya dear, telat banget mampir kesininya
sehat terus ya, jadi kebanggaan mama papa selalu, terbaik di mata Tuhan