Monday, July 07, 2008

creative girl

Mom cooked abalone (bao yu) yesterday.
After lunch Crystal said, "Mama, you are so kind to cook fish (yu) for me. It's awfully delicious!"
Oh, my dear, mommy was flattered!
Once, I cooked cauliflower. She said, "Mama, this is not delicious. Next time please don't cook this." =)

Creative .. Imaginative .. ?!
We think Crystal is quite a creative or imaginative girl.
* She once pretended calling her uncle, and chat with him for almost 10 minutes.
* Another time, she pretended calling his cousin's grandma (wai-po), and said, "Oh, so your phone number there is 5533235."
* She also likes to change songs lyrics or the way of singing a song.
* When we ask our home phone number, she will say it in such a funny way, then laugh madly about it.
* When listening to songs, she pretends playing the piano.
* When playing stone-scissors-cloth, she will add “gun” (using thumb and index finger) and say bang..bang..bang..!
* when I tell her story about rabbit, elephant and wolf; she uses her hands posing elephant's nose.
.. but no .. she doesn't have imaginary friend.

THIS is one of Crystal's creation; duck mama and duck babies

Language development
Lately during speaking, she begins to use many adverb, conjunction or preposition which we think quite rare to be used by kid, such as:
originally本来; finally终于; then然后; certainly当然; surely肯定; therefore所以; formerly原来

Do something by herself
* Sometimes she will eat by herself if mama is not at home. But if mama's at home, hmmm.. she just wants mama to feed her.
* Once she pooped on the potty. When finished, she brought the potty and poured the pooppy into toilet and brushed the potty. OH-HO ..! of course she messed up a bit while brushing the potty. she brushed it without pouring some water in it. Yeaaaaeeee .. grandpa found out and cleaned the potty for her!
* last nite, actually she was playing with mom .. when seeing cloths on the bed, she folded it one by one. so mom helped her a bit on difficult part. Oh my .. ! this had brought me back to 30 years ago .. my mom said, I had helped my mom folding cloths and swept floor when I was about 5 years old.
* she's also grandma and mama's good helper when we're taking care of Angie. often she helps grandma takes some cloth diapers, brings the potty to grandma, takes the bowl into the kitchen, turns on the fan, etc. sometimes she watches Angie to prevent her from falling from the bed.
* once she took a facial paper and wiped Angie's nose.

oh my dearest girl, you are growing up bit by bit .. day by day !
how mom and dad love you!

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wah, pinternya crystal... siapa dulu mamanya? hehehe...
dy anak sulung yah?