Monday, July 21, 2008

Angie .. separation anciety?

when mama came back home, Cyrstal of course was the first one to greet mama. then she said, "Mama, did you buy a new watch?" Cyrstal, as usual, always has good observation ability.

yeah... while waiting for my flight for nearly 2 hours at Pudong Airport (Shanghai), i looked into those duty free stores. finally, bought one .. which was not 5 or 8 yuans. :")

while taking off my shoes, i called Angie. Angie was in grandma's arms. she was observing mama for some time, probably thinking .. "who's this? looks so familiar!" she put her face on grandms's shoulder, smiled shily. after half a minute, she reached her arms to mama.

grandma said Angie was very fine during 3 nites sleep without mama. no separation anciety. when she woke up in the middle of the nite, they just let her drink some water. then she fell asleep again.

never being fussy for these 3.5 days. thank you my dear for not giving hard time to grandpa and grandma. =)

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yossy hamdan said...

qiqi, already recognize ur mama now? hehehe, awas keterusan lupa.. bisa mewek tuh si mama