Monday, July 07, 2008

Angie's teeth

Angie has 2 teeth now. we can hear the sound of her teeth touching spoon when feeding her. "tick..tick..tick.."

she eats everything !
i fed her some cheese few days ago and fed her ice cream and yoghurt yesterday. haha..certainly she loved it!

she can sit more stably now. but she is much more difficult to take care of compare to Cyrstal. when we carry her in arms, she always wants to turn her body in all direction. when we carry her by sitting down, she wants to stand up.
but she is much easier to feed! she can eat faster then her sis. hahaha!
when mama's at home, she doesnt want other people to carry her.

she loves to bathe. when washing her face, she moves as if she wants to jump into her wash basin. and when in her basin, she grabs the basin side firmly, worries she might fall.

mama will have to go to singapore on 14 july and return by 17 july. so there will be 3 nites when Angie will sleep without mama. oh dear .. hope you are ok by that time!
aduh.. 3 hari gak nyusu, mudah2an Asi mama gak kering yah, nak-ku !

on Saturday, Angie waved with grandpa and later on with grandma when they went out.

when mama told her, "this is jie-jie (sister)." she sometimes says, "dee! dee!"
last week grandma said, "it's so hot!" she said, "yot..yot..yot.." (translated from chinese)

if we bring potty for letting her pee, she will immediately protests by kicking in the air in our arms, as if she were saying, "i dont want to pee." =)


Kevin Lau said...

Angie cepat ya tumbuh giginya, dulu Kevin sebelas bulan baru tumbuh.

moga Angie tdk rewel ya ditinggal mama ........

precious gift said...

aduhh... lutuna si angie..
biar ga kering dipompa aj terus asinya biar produksi jalan terus yen...
semoga asinya tetep lancar yah...

azaleafirnindya said...

mama yen, ahh kamu mau k spore... kl aku ga mepet ngurusin kawinan, aku susulinnnn!!!! tp apa dayaaa.. :(
mama yen, aku bangga kamu mama yang baik dan sabar buat 2 lucky baby girls, crystal&angie! :)