Saturday, June 02, 2007

23 months

Crystal is 23 months today

time really flies. my lil girl is approaching her 2nd bday now.
some development within this month:
* successfull potty training. now she could tell us if she wants to pee or poop. or she will go to the potty by herself. of course there is still some pee accident sometimes, especially when she's doing something else. one poop accident at 3am in the morning. at that time, Crystal said,"pee." but actually she had had poop in her panty. after pee, she would take the wipe cloth and wipe by herself. we didnt ask her to do it, she wanted to do by herself.

* first time trying to pee by standing up because of seeing Smarty (her cousin). mommy told Crystal that Smarty is a boy, same as daddy, will stand while having a pee. while Crystal is a girl, same as mommy and grandma will sit on toilet or potty when having a pee. after that, she never tries to stand up anymore. she also would sometimes repeat what mommy has told her, like this, "smarty is a boy, having a pee by standing up."

* nap and night training. star
ting May 07, Crystal doesnt wear diaper during sleep. but of course mommy has to wake up once or twice in the middle of the night to let her pee. sometimes if mommy is over tired and forgets to wake up, she will have the pee accident. usually mommy will bring her to pee on (1) 00.30 or 1am; (2) another 2 hours, which is around 2 or 3am; (3) between 6 to 7.30. sometimes if around 6 am mommy brings her to pee, she will say, "no pee. no pee." actually this could be started even earlier. but mommy was lazy to do it, especially during winter. summer time is more suitable. sometimes she will copy what mama often says to her: 'should not pee on the bed. have to wash it and dry it. very troublesome.'

* signing. Crystal now can understand about a chinese game "scissors, stone and cloth." 剪刀,石头,布. where scissors win over cloth, cloth wins over stone, and stone wins over scissors. if or example she wins, she will pinch her play-mate's nose. of course we let her win and let her lose sometimes. Crystal can also make "chinese" sign language with 5 fingers from 1 to 10; can express "i love you" with "korean" signing. some simple sign language that she already knew before were like: no, yes, goodbye, kiss-bye, come here.

* know the character 'jing' 晶 (crystal, for her nickname) and 'dian' 电 (electricity). this happen because we've just bought an LCD tv this month. on the packaging carton, she can see this two chinese characters.

* start to be able to differ long and short, tall and low, little and many, front and back. previously she could differ big and small. it happened that grandpa asked her to compare grandpa and grandma's feet. after pondering for few seconds, she said, 'it's the same size.' though we thought probably she would tell which one was bigger.

* know and can decide on something she wants or wants to do; can refuse by saying that she doesnt want to do this or that. Crystal can tell mom, 'dont want to wear diaper.' Crystal will say, 'it's not delicious' when she eats something and she doesnt like it. ask to wear certain cloth, a red t-shirt with a tiger on it is her most favorite one.

* have her own idea or own way for solving problem. on the book it teaches to give certain amount of peaches to certain numbers of monkey. mommy will point picture of 3 peaches and imaginarily takes on peach and feeds it to one monkey, one by one until all 3 monkeys are fed. but Crystal will do in different way, she takes the 3 peaches together at one time then feed it also at one time to 3 monkeys... a short cut. hahaha..!

* start to use 'i' or 'me'. few months ago she could use 'i' or 'me' for around 3 sentences like: 'mama, pull me up', 'mama, carry me up', and 'i love you'. now Crystal can use it in more sentences like: let me see, let me hang it, how are you? I'm Liu Hui Han, etc. but she still uses 'Jing-jing' more often to address herself; or sometimes she uses 'you'. so mommy will remind her often that it's i or me instead of 'you'. sometimes she will copy what mommy says to her by saying, "Jingjing says 'me', mama says 'you'."

* good habits. if mommy feeds her something with a spoon, like ice cream or fruit jelly, after finishing it, she will throw the empty container to the trash bin and brings the spoon into the kitchen. one day, grandma was eating tomato and gave a small slice to her, but it dropped on the floor. she told grandma that it dropped on the floor. mommy gave Crystal a piece of tissue paper, then Crystal wiped the tomato and threw it into the trash bin. there was once Crystal reminded mommy to put the knife back to its place. Mommy would sometimes remind and praise her for that, she then will say, "very dangerous. can hurt fingers," and pointing at her own forefinger. after drinking her milk, she will put the bottle on its usual place.

* wear sandals or shoes by herself, seldom makes mistakes on which is the left or right side.

* always cries if mommy wants to go to work, sometimes will hug mommy's leg or says, 'mama, dont go to work.'

* ride a bike (with additional 2 small wheels at the back side). but since the bike is quite big, she cannot make a full round 'ride' on her feet. already can turn left or right by herself, and can go to the place that mommy points her to.

* jump with 2 feet stepping together on the ground. the height is around 15cm.

* put coin into the kiddy ride. when going to the play ground, she will run to the kiddy rides and climbs up, and asks for money to be put into the kiddy ride. but if mommy says that mommy doesnt bring any money, she will not insist.

* dance. lately grandma likes to dance. sometimes mommy dances with grandma, then she follows and wants mommy to hold her hands, so we dance together by counting 1,2,3 ... 1,2,3 ... when listens to music, she also likes to dance with her own way.

* drink soup with a spoon, hold the spoon quite stable for the soup.

* drink with a glass or cup without dripping off

* start to tell time, but not perfectly. usually 7.30, 10.30, 7 o'clock, 1 o'clock. but still often makes mistakes on it.

* like to change other words including text in a song with 'mama' (remember 'smurf'?). for example if we ask her what's our phone number, she will answer like this, "55 66 mama." a part of song lyrics 'somebody that loves me' becomes 'mama that loves me'. poop also becomes 'mama' ... lol. and many others.

* sing chinese rhyme; like this :
ride ride horsy ride, ride to grandma's house
where is grandma's house? in indonesia
how to go there? by a plane
how does a plane sound like? booom...booomm...booom..
flies over a mountain, flies over the ocean.. arrive now.
how much to pay? 5 yuan. 3000 yuan. put into the pocket.

little rabbit, white so white.
two ears standing up.
love to eat carrot and lettuce
hop hop jump jump ... very lovely.

* sing 3 indonesian songs: tik tik tik bunyi hujan, cicak cicak, satu-satu aku sayang ibu

* sing a chinese song call "xiao yan zi" (little swallow) - the first part. other songs that she could sing before: counting ducks, ABC Song, du shu lang (also first part), 2 tigers, some parts of Tao Hua Duo Duo Kai , Lang Hua Yi Duo Duo, Lao Shu Ai Da Mi, Rain in March, Jingle Bells, Zhao Peng You.

* ask for a book when she wants to see it. can match pictures like footprints of certain animals, which pictures are missing and find it, how to help a boy getting his ball on the tree, where do certain animals sit on the bus, differ goose egg and swallow egg, etc.

* climb up and down stairs by herself, by holding on to the handle or wall. in the past, except by holding on the wall, mommy also needed to hold her. now mommy needs only to watch besides Crystal to prevent her form falling.

* open a door

* when Jingjing grows up. Crystal likes to say: Jingjing grows up help grandpa wash dishes; Jingjing grows up cook for mama; Jingjing grows up can eat spicy; Jingjing grows up help mama wash cloth; Jingjing grows up work, earn a lot of money, give to mama, papa, grandpa, grandma.

* identify that something is the same. Crystal was playing with a puzzle with story of 'Hare and Tortoise', then asked to get a book which contained 'Hare and Tortoise' story. after that, she pointed at the puzzle and the book and told grandpa, "this is the same."

* afraid of strangers and new thing. Crystal is still afraid of stranger or people she seldom meets or sees. so in front of any of them, very seldom she wants to speak up or to interact. even i often bring her outside or to the park, let her play with other kids, let her greet other parents or grandparents .. still it seems that she is afraid. sometimes she wants to speak, but very seldom, sometimes she will say, "afraid." also she is afraid of playing with new things. for example, we took her to amusement park, paid for the ticket where kids can play anything inside the area for 30 minutes. she didnt want to play anything, just walked around and observed. including the 'ball pool', when i went inside together with her, she was whining and didnt want to be inside the pool.


Anonymous said...

bulan depan dah 2 th yah Yen, pinter banget dah jingjing..dah ngerti banyak hal diusia segitu, juga perhatian banget kalau diajari yah...
aku juga salut ama kamu yg perhatian banget ama perkembangan anak walaupun kamu ibu yg kerja juga...


sinceyen said...

Lengkap perkembangan Crystal dicatet.
Senenk jadinya ngikutin gimana perkembangan Crystal :)