Monday, June 11, 2007

conversation: wash dishes, call mama, miss daddy and biscuit time

wash dishes
crystal : mama, what are you doing yah? (she likes to ask this question to anybody, with the 'yah')
mama : washing dishes.
crystal : mama, dont wash dishes. carry Jing-jing up. Grandma washes dishes.
g'ma : oh you little thing, so you arrange what we big people do, huh?
crystal : eeh...mama, dont wash dishes!
mama : okey ... okey ... ! mama is done already! (left several pieces to grandma and carry this little thing up).

call mama (as grandma told)
that day, mama came home 30 minutes late than usual. auntie had already arrived home.
crystal : (to grandma) get xiao ling tong (telkom flexi). call mama. ask mama to come home.
g'ma : my dear, grandma doesnt know your mama's number.
crystal : grandpa calls mama.
g'ma : grandpa is busy preparing dinner (gave the phone to her).
crystal : hello ... mama...come home quickly.

miss daddy (also as grandma told)
daddy was out for duty to Shenzhen for 5 days.
crystal : (to grandma) get daddy's photo. get daddy's photo.
g'ma : (looked for daddy's photo but couldnt find it) my dear, grandma doesnt know where daddy's photo is.
crystal : mama knows.
g'ma : mama will get daddy's photo for you when mama arrives home, ok?
crystal : ok.
g'ma : (thought this kid must have missed her daddy). where does your daddy go?
crystal : to Shenzhen, by plane.

biscuit time
crystal and mama were having afternoon tea with butter cream biscuit. crystal took one and separated the biscuit.
crystal : this is jing-jing's (took the one with butter cream) and this is mama's (gave the other side without butter cream to mama, then dip into the tea).
mama : thank you, Jing-jing.
crystal : (after eating it, took another pieces, separated it again.. happened several times). this is jing-jing's, this is mama's.
mama : mama wants that one with butter cream.
crystal : this is half. (maybe she meant: she only had half, couldnt share with mama.. lol)
mama : yes, mama wants that one.
crystal : this is half. (with convincing expression . .wah pelit nih..hehehe..)
mama : yes, mama wants that half.
crystal : (took another piece which hadn't been separated and gave to mama). this is for mama.

later on ... great-grandma woke up from her nap.
mama : Jing-jing, give this biscuit for Tai-tai. ask Tai-tai to eat the biscuit.
crystal : (handle the biscuit to great-grandma). Tai-tai .. eat biscuit.
g-g'ma : oh, xie xie Jing-jing !
mama : Jing-jing, was the biscuit delicious?
crystal : delicious.
mama : we have eaten it up. next time when mama comes back from office, mama will buy again for you, ok?
crystal : buy it together with Jingjing.
mama : ok, buy it together with Jingjing.
crystal : buy one tin. don't buy much.
mama : (*smile*) you mean buy one pack? you know, one tin is very much. come here, mama show you how much one tin is. (pointing an old biscuit tin to her)
cyrstal : buy one pack. don't buy much.
mama : ok, we will buy one pack.
crystal : ok!


Ian's mom said...

oh... you really smart girl, jing2. bravo..
seneng yah, kalau anak dah bisa diajak ngomong2... apalagi yg rasa ingin tahunya gede... gampang ngajarinya.

sinceyen said...

Who is the boss??? ;)

Kevin Lau said...

bagi-bagi biscuitnya dong Jing-jing, boleh nggak ?hehehe...