Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Angie -- 9 months

Angie began to clap hands in her 8th months. however, she clapped with one open-hand, the other was clenching.
now she can clap hands normally. since the day before, her grandma opened her clenching hand while she was clapping.

crawl officially!
congratulation yah, nak!
she also likes to grasp anything and then stands up.

these few days she was saying 'papa', 'mama'. but not specifically calls either daddy or mommy.

when came back from office, i was sending important email to customer, she, on her baby-walker tried to walk into our room, but stuck at the door, she was mumbling, "mama .. mama..".
but mostly when i taught her say, 'mama..mama', she said, "papa!"

her grandpa taught her counting 1 to5 by pointing at fingers.
if we ask her to count, she would pointed on her own fingers as if she were counting.

she calls her big sister 'ji-ji' or 'je-je' (should be jie-jie 姐姐).
she does call her big sis specifically. yes, mama taught Angie to call her big sis since the very beginning when Angie came back from indonesia (feb-2008).

pointing at things she knows with her index finger.
if i ask her, "where's daddy and mommy's picture? where's the lamp?" she will point with her finger.

one day, mama came home from work, Angie was in her baby-walker. mama was washing hands. while she followed with her baby walker, pulling mama's short pants and whining, wanted to be picked-up. so adorable!

mostly pee and poop on potty already.
wear diaper for sleep at night.

sleep till morning
mostly sleep on around 11pm and wake up the next morning on around 6.30am.
these days, when sleeps at night, Angie doesn't need nursing anymore.
when bed time comes, we put her on the bed, she will roll left and right, then falls asleep by herself.

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Anonymous said...

umur segitu emang lagi lucu2nya yah, yen... uplod potow angie dong... biar tambah gemes!!