Thursday, June 05, 2008


happy world environment day!

this is our 4th anniversary. no special celebration this year. my hubby was busy these days for reporting and papers --- he just finished his 50-day-training. he was the best trainee among 8.
no special celebration .. but we got a special gift .. our lill Qiqi =)

during dinner, i told him i lost my watch.
he simply said, "never mind. i'll buy another one for you."
i said, "no ... for the time being i prefer wearing only a not-more-than-50-yuan-watch."


Ian's mom said...

happy anniversary say... bener, anak adalah hadiah yg tak ternilai harganya dari suatu perkawinan. Semoga tetep rukun sampe tua... ;-)

yendoel said...

cocok pula sama
Nature Quote of the Day
Children are our most valuable natural resource.
-Herbert Hoover-

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary ya Yen... wah telat neh. semoga langgeng sampe kakek nenek :)

Since-Yen said...

Terus cayank-cayangan en saling dukung-mendukung sampe kakek nenek ya :)

Kevin Lau said...

Happy anniversary ya....moga tambah lenggeng dan harmonis.

eliza said...

telat nih Yen...happy anniversary yah, tambah sayang satu sama lain.

azaleafirnindya said...

happy anniversary dear.. i am so happy for you&your family..

Ninis said...

Happy Anniversary, Mbak Yen :)
Wish you & your soulmate happy life forever!

Pa kabar nih?! :)

e v i said...

Selamat, Yen.

btw, misoa baca blogmu?