Tuesday, November 27, 2007

27 November 2007 ... Qiqi is coming !

27 November 2007 (13 days late from due date)

18th of the 10th month, in the year of boar (lunar calendar)

my feeling, this one would also be a baby girl. So, I had prepared baby girl's name from the very beginning, it was Angela Kirsten Liu.

However, after pondering for almost 2 months, finally I named her Angelique Ananda Liu.
Angelique = hope she will have characters like an angel
Ananda = the kid of (this is also an indication that she's an Indonesian)
Liu = family surname

Also considered so long time and so many options for her Chinese name, finally, we named her Liu Guang Xin 刘广馨, though I preferred Liu Hui Xin (cause her sister is Liu Hui Han)

Liu is surname, same as Andy Lau =)
Guang means wide / big
Xin means fragrant

Nick name
Qiqi 齐齐 (baca: chi-chi)
Anqi 安琪 (baca: An-chi)

Crystal and Qiqi were very look alike when they were born!

welcome to this wonderful world ... little darlin' !

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