Monday, April 30, 2007

potty training

Crystal is 22 months today

since Crystal could sit well, and especially when she started to walk, 11.5 months, if i was at home, i'd try as much to let her sit on potty when pee or poop.
also i often told her:
"Jing-jing, if you want to pee or poop, tell mama. OK? or if you want, you can go and pee at toilet. or you can sit on potty by yourself."

i think it's about time for her now.
she is more than half way to success for this potty training.
sometimes if she wants to pee, she sits on the potty by herself.
sometimes i just remind her by saying, "Jing-jing, go and sit on potty before you pee on your pants."
many kiddy pants in china are having a hole on the bottom area.
so, she wouldnt have to take off her pants. she can just sit on the potty and pee.

actually i have let her wear a kiddy panty. but her grandma is not so patient to let her wear it. she doesnt want to let her wear it.

sometimes Crystal will tell us by saying, "niao niao." (means: pee).
but still .. sometimes she says "niao niao" after she has already pee. lol !

last nite, around 9pm, i let her play puzzles on bed. few minutes later, i fell aslept 'coz i was awfully sleepy.
on 9.30pm, in my sleep, i heard her saying to me, "niao niao..niao niao..."
i found out she was standing besides our bed, talking to me, pointing her pee on the floor.
her pants were wet. lol !

she had got down from the bed. she just had pee before reaching the potty.
blamed mama for falling a sleep !
on 10pm, she told me she wanted to poop. so she sat on potty with me sat in front of her, accompanying her.

here was the sweetest thing she did while we sat together waiting for her to poop;
she said she wanted to kiss my eyes. so i let her do it. my dear lill one, mommy's enjoying your kissing mommy's eyes very much !!! and i also kissed her eyes.

Smarty doesn't want to use potty
On contrary, Smarty, the boy of my in-laws, never wants to sit on potty or toilet.
So anyone in the house should carry up this 18kgs boy whenever he poops, with extra bonus: the smell comes up from the basin where he poops.

They never let him have potty training .. never !
He is now, 2 years 8 months; maybe a little bit late for starting a potty training.

'They' here includes his own parents and my mother and father-in-law.
They just simply say, he doesn't want to sit on potty or toilet.

Yes .. of course he doesn't want, 'coz they never let him do from the very beginning.
So, please do carry him all the time if he wants to poop, and you all will surely get your bonus of course.. lol.

They never listen to my advise regarding some parenting stuffs. They think they know more perhaps. Whatever..!
But they often finds out Crystal can do this or that earlier compares to her brother.
Then they would start to teach similar thing to Smarty.
Same case with eating with a spoon.

I have a little argument (not quarrel) with my husband regarding potty training last nite.
My husband doesn't believe that Smarty doesn't want to sit on potty or toilet because of no potty training on him.
My husband said, it's just a boy's nature. A girl is easier to squat when pee or sit on potty, because of the nature that she is a girl.

Whatever-lah .. the potty training I did for Crystal has brought good result.. as i said, more than half way to success.


Lisa said...

wah itu CD di sana ada bolongannya ? unik juga yah... btw, emang tuh Yen, pertama2 potty train pasti deh, si anak bilang kalo udah basah duluan... hihihi.. kebayang gak sih di sini karpet dan Fino dulu begitu..."frustrasi" deh gw...
btw, sukses buat potty trainnya ya...

yendoel said...

bukan CD-nya yg bolong. tapi celana2 panjangnya.
pasti kita semua mengalami fase ini dg anak2 kita yah. kebayang gimana frustrasinya kalo berkarpet. semua memang kudu dilatih. tapi kalo nap/bobok malam, masih pakai diaper, soalnya gua males bangun. cuman sekali doang, tidur malam sukses. waktu gua baru pulang dari indo, gak gua pakaiin diaper, sukses sampai pagi. habis itu, guanya males. hehe..!

eliza adam said...

hihi...gue dulu ngajarin potty train buat anak gue waktu dia udah mau 3 thn! hahaha...gue santai banget ya. dikerjain waktu summer jadi dia gak pake celana sama sekali, dlm 3 bln udah bisa semua. tapi night training masih berjalan sampe sekarang, it's a different problem...

sinceyen said...

Tinggal 2 bulan lagi Crystal udah 2 tahun ya!! :)

yendoel said...

wah, Eliza, trus kalo dia mau pup, apa mesti digendong juga? hihi..gak pake celana, apa gak kedinginan? terus di sekolah gimana dong? di sini katanya kalo di sekolah ngompol di celana, gurunya telpon rumah, suruh ortunya ke sekolah.
iya, night training kayaknya gak gampang yah. apalagi gua males bangun. soalnya tidur kalo dah nyenyak, yah bablas. apalagi anak kecil, tidurnya kan lebih pules lagi.

eliza adam said...

waktu dia mau poop gue lupa tuh gimana caranya :) tapi kadang emang kecelakaan. itu jg gak sering loh....biasain aja tiap pagi, siang, malem sesudah makan suruh duduk at least 5 menit. terus anak gue masuk preschool kan sesudah summer. jadi selama di sekolah udah gak accident lagi. lumayan sih gak pernah accident, berarti dia gak lupa buat pipis.