Sunday, April 01, 2007

flight to Jakarta

on 30-Mar-07 we took night train from Hefei to Shanghai.
left hefei on 8.15pm. arrived at Shanghai the next morning on 5am.

Crystal was being nice on the way. as i learnt from Lisa, who prepared 15 gifts for her Fino on the flight; i brought a puzzle for Crystal; but no 15 gifts. lol.

so she played puzzle on the bed or wandered around on the train. she also loved to climb the bed stairs. there're 6 beds in a block. 3 on the left and 3 on the right.

luckily, we got 2 lowest level beds. otherwise, i couldn't imagine how troublesome it would be.

after arriving in Shanghai, we had some breakfast at a resto besides the railway station. actually we could take the airport bus, with only RMB 18/person. but consider our flight was on 10.10am, so we took taxi, which cost us about RMB 170.

ghosh... our flight was canceled. it's said that Jusuf Kalla was in Shanghai, on his way to Egypt (or somewhere in the middle east country). the plane would be used as back-up for him. damn !

so we were all hanging around waiting for news regarding our flight.
our flight was transfered to Singapore Airline, schedule on 00.05am the next day.
so we all went to hotel for a rest.

on 9pm, we went to the airport again.
i was told that Garuda had mistakenly booked Crystal flight on the 08.30am flight. i just needed to inform the person-in-charge during check in. so we queued. around 11.10pm, we got trouble, we couldnt check in due to Crystal was not booked at the same flight with us. those stupid persons couldnt change her flight to the same flight with us in the booking system, even she was infant, which meant she didn't need a seat.

at the end, we couldnt get into this flight.
they re-booked us for the next morning flight.
ghosh .. in the middle of the night, we returned again to the hotel.
woke up 5.30 the next morning and went to airport again.

finally, we flied with SQ on 8.30am to Singapore.
luckily, SQ services was quite nice, the seat was also more comfortable (if compared to Garuda).
Crystal also got some toy from the stewardess.

Thank God, she was not giving us any trouble during the flight.
she played puzzled, played with spoon, fork, bread jam, butter, cup, etc.
The only problem was she didn't sleep --while i was quite sleepy-- and never stopped bugging me .... hahahaa... !
walking in the plane, going into the first class area, sometimes saying she wanted to pee while actually i put diaper on her. so once in a while i took her to toilet for pee in her diaper. lol !
when the plane were about to land, she fell asleep. at that time, unfortunately ... i couldnt sleep anymore.

we arrived at Singapore on around 1.30pm.
waiting for the next flight with Garuda to Jakarta on around 4.30pm.
Crystal was sleeping on my arms, for about 1.5 hours.

we ate some Hainan chicken rice at a resto in Changi airport.
hmmm... the taste was quite ok .. especially the "saus cabe" ... very tasty!

finally ..
in Jakarta, my cousin sister (Eny), her daughter (Jasselynn) and my youngest brother came to pick us.

what a tiring day !!!

Pudong Airport (31-Mar-07)

Shanghai Airline Hotel, 31-Mar-07

Changi Airport, 1-April-07


eliza adam said...

baru baca nih...hihih...Crystal baik tuh di kapal ya!

sinceyen said...

Aku juga pake SQ kemaren. Oke emang service dan comfortable lagi.