Thursday, April 26, 2007

got angry with mama

while playing on the bed after dinner, Crystal scratched mama's face with a plastic part of a pen. Mama didn't let her. She got angry and insisted. so mama beat her hand coz she kept insisting. after that she cried.

daddy came and said that he would take her out for a walk. she stopped crying. and said to daddy, "don't play with mama. play with daddy."
hahaha... made daddy and mama laughing.

few hours later, when it's about bed time, again similar thing happened on the bed.
Crystal got angry again.
Crys : Beat mama..beat mama.. Mama .. go to work!
Dad : (work on the computer, laughing)
G'ma: (just come in, hear it and laughing too)
Mom: OK, mama goes to work. Mama doesn't want Jing-jing anymore.
Crys : Jing-jing goes to work.
Mom : Hey ... didnt you ask mama to go to work just now ?
Crys : Jing-jing goes to work.
Mom: Mama goes to work, mama doesnt want Jing-jing anymore.
Crys : want Jing-jing.
Mom: dont want Jing-jing
Crys : eeh.. want Jing-jing, mama dont go to work.
Mom: (smiling) Ok, want Jing-jing. come here and hug mama.

yesterday evening, Crystal was playing with daddy's drawer key.
Grandpa said with hard tone, "dont play with it. gun-dan!"
Crystal cried bcoz of that.

during dinner, when we talked about this, Crystal also joined the conversation:
Crys : Jingjing went to grandma grandpa's bedroom.
Mom: oh.. what did you get ?
Crys: Got a key
Mom: what did Grandpa say to you?
Crys: gun dan
(everybody laughed)
Mom: and what did you do? did you cry? how did you cry?
Crys : eeh...eeh...
Dad : Jingjing, here is what gun-dan means ... (daddy got an egg and rolled it on the table)

gun = rolling
dan = egg
gun dan = go out (Chinese colloquial)

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lisa said...

Jingjing pinter bangeeet... gemeeez... conversationnya lutu banget Yen.. seneng ya...