Sunday, April 09, 2006

man man... and left-right

At home, if somebody is going out, we usually will say, “man zou …” or “man dian…”
which can mean “be careful on the way” .
This morning, her daddy was going out to buy breakfast,
Crystal was playing with me on the sofa.
I said to her daddy, “man dian…”.
while busy with a toy on her hand, suddenly she said, “man…man…”.
however it sounded more like “ma…ma…”
It’s amazed me and lin! I repeated to her “man …man…”, and again she said, “…”
It's her cousin, 19-month older baby boy, says the same words while someone goes out.
She learnt from it i guess.

I was playing with her feet and legs.
seemed she began to understand the concept of ‘left and right’
after I've been teaching her for quite sometime.

also i find out that she enjoys leaning on my upper arm everytime i play with her on the sofa.
i try to put her back to sit position, again she will lean on my arm.
actually, not only she enjoys it, but i also enjoy this sweet bound so much.

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