Saturday, April 01, 2006

9 months old today

Today, Crystal is 9 months old.

Here are Crystal's 8-month-old development :
* still cannot crawl !!! yeah… we seldom put her sit on floor because it's cold. Sometimes we put her on a mat.
* Recognize things like computer, moon, star, remote control, ball, mandarin orange, strawberry, tooth brush, tooth paste, towel, real fish, Snoopy, mouse (toy)
* Pronounce: che, ji, bao (not very precise), dao (not very precise), and sometimes 'sa'
* Begin to understand the concept of belongings, by knowing her shoes, mommy's shoes, daddy's shoes, her nose and other people nose, etc.
* Begin to understand about big and small
* When we call-roll her complete Chinese name, “Liu Hui Han”, she will raise her hand up and say, “dao….” (in English could mean “i'm here”).
* Clap hands
* Hold her hands together and make the gesture of “gong xi” (congratulate) and laugh if applauded.
* Nod (when we say “dian tou”) and shake head (when we say “yao tou”)
* Sometimes can send a flying kiss
* Wave hand for hello, make a “hi-five”
* Shake head or push away with hand for refusing something
* Play with plane, raise the plane high and say “ji…..ji….” (fei ji = plane)
* Play “feeding” with spoon, play toothpick to other people, play comb to other's hair
* Bring feeding bottle to her own mouth, or aim the feeding bottle to me if i say mama wants to drink
* Listen to someone speaking on phone
* Pull herself up (from lying down) when we hold her hands, and then again pull herself standing up
* If we count from 1-10, after we say 7, she will say “ba” (eight).
* 4 front teeth
* Learn to walk
* Kick ball slightly
* She is fond of glasses. So every time i carry her, i should take my glasses away! her hands are just too fast !!
* Like to see things fall down, get picked up (by others, of course), and then get thrown down again and again.

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