Sunday, April 16, 2006

7th and 8th teeth -- self protection

7th and 8th teeth: left and right upper canine teeth.

if Crystal's cousin-brother wants to grab her toy,
she would turn aside her body, or grasp her toy tighter,
not to let her brother take it away.
sometimes if her brother wants to slap her,
she could protect herself by keeping her body away from him and
aimlessly slapping her own hands.

she got flu for 3 days, got infected by her brother.
my sister-in-law bathed her son on the nite when the temperature dropped down.
and let him play around only with a 'belly band' (a sheet of cloth covering baby's belly).
the baby boy got to have intravenous feeding for 3 days because of severe flu and cough.
it not happens once... but quite often, that his mom pays little attention on cold prevention.
so the baby boy often gets sick.

7th adn 8 thn come out

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