Saturday, February 04, 2006

milk ... milk ...

There is one thing which i think is very amazing happening since these few days.
If our little Crystal is hungry, she will say “nai… nai…” the Chinese of “millk” (!)
Probably this is unconsciously, but there are many times for the same thing to happen.

Since she was within 1 month old, every time i feed or breastfeed her, i will always say: “my little baby is drinking milk” (in Chinese)
does this really have effect on her pronouncing the word “nai…nai…” ?
hopefully so!

What i’ve been doing since the day she was brought home from hospital is talking to her or telling her things in our home, such as TV, lamp, phone, aircon, key, animals pictures, plant, etc. During Chinese new year, when we brought her to village, i pointed chicken, duck and cows to her. She would laugh everytime i woof, quack, moo…. or producing other animals sounds. Hen and dog are her favorite.

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